Best Z-Wave Switches in 2020: Ultimate Buying Guide

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Every day, technology comes up with something new to make our lives much easier. One of these includes how we control the lighting of our homes without the need of physically switching on and off In-wall Z-wave Plus or Z-wave switches allow users to control their lights with the use of remote control on various devices.

This includes cell phones, tablets, or, indeed, other smart gadgets, which get paired with the lights using wireless means. But which switch is the best? We’re here to answer that. Below, we are gonna provide you with our recommendation to help you get the best Zwave switch in the market.

So, read on to know more about these products.


Why Should You Get One?

First things first, why should you go out and spend on a Z switch? Aside from being a fancy piece of tech, what are the actual benefits it brings? The answer lies in multiple factors. The following elaborates:

  • Convenience

You get to manage all your lights without having to go from room to room or when you leave without remembering to turn off, or indeed if you are simply comfortable in bed and don’t wish to get up.

  • Energy Efficiency

Z wave switches can help you set up the lights on and off routines that the device will automatically take care of without needing any attention from you. This will help you save electricity and as a result, money.

  • An Additional Security Measure

These switches can give you event-based control, meaning if there is any incident of the lights being controlled from home such as during break-ins, you can get alerted.

10 Best Z-Wave Switch Reviews

Let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter. We have narrowed down the following Z-wave smart in-wall switches as the best on the market today. These rankings have been constructed based on several criteria, from a range of compatibilities to features such as ease of installations and many others.


  1. GE Z-Wave Enbrighten Three way switch, 14291

We start with our top pick, the Best ZWave Switch, from GE. This piece of technological brilliance will undoubtedly make your life easier through its range of uses.

It lets you control your lighting via smartphone or other devices, including the manual option, just in case. This one comes with customizable scenes, user scheduling, and alerts to keep yourself reminded of the power usage plan.

The switch can function by itself or combined with add-on switches. Four add-on switches in total can be connected at once. You are able to get automated control of your entire home, and indeed up to a range of 150 square feet.

It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and previous Z-wave generations. You will require a Z-wave certified hub for it to function on them. The setup and installation are also relatively simple and straightforward.



  • A wide range of compatibilities, including Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • Scheduling alerts and power usage routines, customizable scenes
  • Automated control of the entire home, 150 feet range


  • A device handler needs to be added to the motion switch for best use


  1. GE, White Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch 14292

At number two is another product from the same line, the GE 14292. As a result, it shares several common features with our number one, with some notable differences, of course.

And by notable, we mean very literally. As the name implies, this one comes in white color, compared to the white and almond of the 14291. But the main reason it ranks lower is that this one will cost you more money for what is effectively the same service.

Moving on to said service, it can be paired with Alexa or Goggle Assistant, works by itself or with an add-on switch, and offers all the utilities of a switch such as scheduling, remote switching on and off, control via smart devices, etc.

Installation is similarly straightforward, requiring an in-wall installation with a hardwired setup. A neutral wire is also needed in that regard.



  • Works with the common smart home management system
  • Remote control of lights using phones or other devices
  • Schedule power usage provides convenient alerts


  • Slightly more expensive compared to other competing products


  1. Leviton DZ15S-1DZ Decora Smart Switch

Into our final three, and here we have this powerful Z-wave Light Switch sold by Leviton. This attractive switch comes in 6 different color options and brings you the familiar decora form-factor. It can work with Alexa and gives you the options of remote and voice control.

As for the control features, it lets you exert multi-location, three-way switching with a DD0SR-1LZ coordinating and a DD0SR-DLZ matching remote. For installation, you will require a neutral wire.

The incandescence can reach up to 1800W, the CFL and LED 600W and the fluorescent ballasts come with a current rating of 15A. A Z-wave hub will be required for this to function, brands such as SmartThings or Wink will work fine with it.

If you want, there are also optional wall plates you can use.



  • 3 way switching, remote and voice control over home lights
  • Works with Alexa for smart home management
  • Visually attractive


  • Control via the dim level paddle can be inconvenient
  1. GE 12729 Z wave Wireless on/off switch

After this, we have another product from GE, the 12729 Z-switch. This one also comes with Alexa compatibility, requiring a hub compatible with Alexa for the voice control features to work, although it cannot link up with Echo Plus via a direct route.

You will also need a Z-wave certified gateway; usable gateways include SmartThings, Vivint, ADT Pulse, Honeywell, Nexia, Wink, HomeSeer, and others.

The dimmer enables you to dictate the brightness of your lights, and indeed turn them on or off from quite literally any part of the world. It also lets you set up power usage schedules and alerts.

Any hardwired and dimmable light can be operated using this. You can install it in place of any regular in-wall switch as it’s usable on groups of several lights or ambient interior lighting scenes.



  • Remote control of lights through devices from any part of the world
  • Alexa compatible through the supported hub
  • Easy to use dimmer for controlling lights, individually or interior scenes
  • Can replace most in-wall switches


  • The installation and wiring can be rather complicated
  • Expensive compared to the other alternative products
  1. Honeywell Z-wave Plus Switch

At the halfway point and here we give you this Z-wave Plus switches from Honeywell.

It brings to you all the benefits you would want from your switch, including remote switching on and off, scheduling events, organizing day-night cycles for your lighting, all from your phone or PC, or some other smart device.

A Z-wave hub is required as you would expect; compatible hubs include most of the known ones, including Nexia, HomeSeer, Fibaro, and others. It can be paired with Alexa, but an Alexa supported hub is needed for the voice control. The installation is in-wall and done with hardwired connections.

Do note that you will have to provide a neutral wire. In addition, the wall plate does not come with the switch and must be purchased separately.

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  • Remote control of lights, day/night cycles, and events scheduling features.
  • Alexa compatible provided supported hub is available.
  • Works with most types of lighting, such as LED, halogen, CFL, etc.



  • Older homes may not have neutral wire options and hence not suitable.

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  1. Inovelli

This is a next-generation Z-wave product from Inovelli. The advanced features include extra security options using AES-128 encryption, which all but ensures your system never gets compromised, Z-wave range detection gives you a greater degree of control, and also a signal booster.

You get a three-way switching option, with a regular or dumb switch, an aux switch, or of course, a Z-wave AC switch. The more common functionalities of a ZW switch are also included.

This can do everything from switching off your lights from the other side of the world to scheduling events remotely. A Z-wave compatibility hub is required if you want to use it in conjunction with Alexa. It will work with most hubs available on the market.

This product has also won several prestigious awards and certifications, further validating its quality and service. Checkout: What is Z-wave S2?



  • Advanced security features using AES-128 encryption
  • Signal booster and Z-wave range detection feature
  • Three-way switch, dumb, aux and Z-wave AC for controlling lights
  • Certified by several awards and renowned for its customer service


  • The setup and installation can be complicated


  1. LINEAR GoControl, WS15Z-1, Zwave in-wall Switch

At number 7 we have the WX15Z-1 from LINEAR. This highly convenient product will give you 3-way Z-wave in-wall switch control of your lighting and also provide the option of manual control for the connected lights.

In terms of upper limits for its use, the maximum incandescent load it can take is at 960 watts or 8 amperes, and the maximum resistive load clocks in at 1800 watts or 15 amperes.

The switch can also function as a repeater, boosting the signal of your Z-wave by an extra 130 feet. As for structure and set up, this Z-switch will fit right into a J-box.

Lastly, for those always on the lookout for good visuals in anything you add to your homes, this Z-switch comes with wall plates that offer a pleasing, modern look.



  • 3-way switching options and manual for connected lights
  • Fits into J-box, wall décor plate comes with it
  • Also serves as a repeater, boosting your signal an additional 130 feet


  • It does not come with any warranties so be wary of faulty products


  1. Jasco Wireless Lighting Control Three-Way Z wave On/Off Kit

Up next, we have the Jasco Wireless Light Switch. It comes with a primary ZW4001 and an auxiliary ZW2002, packaged separately in OEM boxes.

In terms of outlook, the color scheme is white and goes with most types of wall plates. The latter are not included and must be purchased separately. Its use includes altering the brightness of multiple lights or interior ambient lighting systems.

For set up, this product requires a screw terminal installation, which is much more efficient compared to flying leads when it comes to saving space. The neutral wire connection will be required, of course.

Any kind of in-wall switch can be replaced with this Z-wave kit, giving you remote access to control of your home lighting, wherever you may be.



  • Wallplate comes with it; white color scheme goes with most plates
  • Screw terminal installation makes it more efficient for saving space
  • All common switch features available such as remote scheduling


  • Neutral wire needed, so older home lines may not work


  1. Zooz Z-Wave Plus in Wall Switch ZEN21

Our penultimate entry is the ZEN21 from Zooz. This is a nice, simple device that performs all its necessary tasks with the utmost efficiency and precision. It is based on the universal binary switch command class, is supported by most common Z-wave controllers, and is extremely reliable.

You get 3-way switch control over your lights and the other usual features like scene control, all of which can be done remotely wherever you may be. It does not require an add-on to the switch to work.

Alexa compatibility is available but limited to a fewer hub. Its status reporting feature is instant and on point; moreover, if the power ever goes out, it restores the on/off status immediately. Installation is relatively quick when it comes to the software; the wiring will require a neutral.



  • Reliable and efficient; restores on/off status after a power outage
  • Based on the universal binary switch command.
  • Easy software installation, three taps on the paddle in inclusion mode


  • Need for neutral wire may become a problem for homes with old systems


  1. GoControl WA00Z-1 Z-Wave Scene-Controller Wall Switch

Our final pick is the WA00Z from GoControl. One of the biggest plus points of this product is its plug and play style of set up and installation, making it incredibly convenient for users without too much wiring and electrical knowledge.

This model comes with its own built-in Z-wave radio and lets you all control all your dimmers, light bulbs, etc. wirelessly and efficiently. It is compatible with most types of Z-wave control devices and easily fits over your previous Zwave wall switch. Manual control of your lights is also available through this device.

Its power core comprises two CR2032 lithium coil cells with a long battery life. In particular, if you are a user of GoControl’s smart light bulb products, then this is absolutely the Z-wave in-wall switch you should be going for.



  • Plug and play set up, very easy to install and use
  • Compatible with most Z-wave control devices
  • Easily fits over previous in-wall switch


  • Not compatible with a lot of hubs, slightly limiting your options

What to Consider Before Buying

We discussed a lot of features and aspects regarding Z-wave in wall smart switches, but which of these are the most important, and are the things you should be paying the most attention to? The following describes:

  • Hub Compatibility

In most cases, unless you have a specific smart device that allows direct connectivity to the smart Z wave switch, you will require a Z-wave hub for it to work. Here things can get a little tricky as a particular switch may not be compatible with all the hubs that are available.

It is ideal you choose a switch that offers as wide a range of compatibilities as possible. At the very least, it should be able to function with the most commonly used hubs such as SmartThings, Wink, etc.

  • Ease of Installation

This is very important because you buy Z-wave switches to make your life simpler; you don’t want a device that is too complicated to set up.

While some hassle is expected, such as providing a neutral wire or buying the wall plates separately, devices that have very confusing instructions or a lack of proper instructions are best avoided.

Also, look for products that take less space in your life and are safely hardwired into it. If you can get a switch that offers plug and play installation, then your life will be made even easier.

  • Range of the Switch

While you can use your z-wave smart wall switch from anywhere in the world, its own range of influence has a fixed limit. The good products usually have spans of 130-150 feet or more, so it is wise not to settle for one that gives you less than this. Your hub range is also a factor the switch range.

How Does Z-wave Switches Work and Pair with?

So just how does a Z wave light switch connect to your home lights? The technology is similar to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Z-waves form the basis of this.

These are basically long-wavelength radio waves that create a network connecting any device that is receptive to them. Your lights become part of this network.

Most modern smart appliances are compatible with them. A Z-wave hub is generally needed to connect this network to the internet. This may have to be purchased separately, or sometimes these are built-in into certain home appliances. The smart Z wave wall switch simply connects your device to this network.

How  Z-wave switch works


Final Words

Switches are one of the latest pieces of technology to get the smart treatment.

Zwave in wall switches make the entire process of controlling your home lights a very much digital affair that is both convenient and rather incredible. We hope our reviews help you decide which is the best z wave switch for you according to your needs.

And if you are confused about something, give us a shout in the comments. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Z-wave smart switches and their would-be answers:

What is a Z-Wave Smart Switch?

It is a device that lets you connect to the lights and smart devices in your home from a remote location through the internet. You are able to monitor and switch on or off your lights from anywhere in the world.

Do I need a smart hub for a Z wave Plus switch to work?

Yes, you do. These switches can only connect to your lights through a Z-wave hub.

Do these work with Alexa or other smart home assistants?

They do, although you will need a hub that is compatible with the smart home managing system you are using.

How much area/range can these switches cover?

As a generalized measure, 130 to 150 feet is a good measure for these switches. However, there is a good chance you will find one that can cover your entire home. Either that or you have to purchase multiple.

Are these wired into my main electricity line?

Yes, they are. Z-wave smart/in-wall switches are hardwired into your wall and connect with the main AC supply.

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