Smart Thermostat in 2023 [Buying Guide]

Do you want your home and life at home to be better using the Best Smart Thermostat?

If yes, allow us to ask you a couple of questions- Does the monthly utility bill give you a shock? Are you fed up with the complicated heating and cooling setup?

If you check the box of any of these two, you shouldn’t stop reading this article until the very end.

“​This ​guide is the result of our a month-long research on best smart thermostats in the market of 2023. “

As a result of the process, we have a few winner models ​and smart thermostat considerations.

In case you’re in hurry, here are our top picks from the sense of both quality and price-

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What you can do with your home with a right smart home thermostat placed in is limitless. You don’t need to change your current habits much​ to do that – all that’s ​required to make your home more energy-efficient is a device that keeps close track of the temperature and responds more quickly to it than you do – a smart thermostat. You can automize the temperature and humidity, automize your home’s comfort and highly have a cut off the utility bill.

But wait a second. There are problems.


While ​all the brands and manufacturers will show you shiny advertisements and boxes full of lucrative features. But what’s inside the box often comes to be quite different in action. So Ultimately the best way is to take an expert’s help who’d been through these for years. And who knows how to pick the diamond out of all the glittering pieces of glass.

The good news is, we’ve done ​precisely that in this article.

Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading through. We promise you that you’ll find the right pick of th​e best smart thermostat for your home.

​Best Smart Thermostat ​EDITOR’S Pick- ecobee Smart [Alexa-Enabled Thermostat]

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What Do We Like Most?

Welcome to our #1 pick of the list of best smart thermostats. The thermostat is ecobee4, which is already quite popular among home users like you and me. It’s basically the upgrade of ecobee4, with some significant updates in ​Sensors, ​Functionality and lots of ​Features.

What we loved most about ecobee smart thermostat is its remote sensor. It will let you configure with other systems like HVAC. The actual home thermostat is tucked away from other main parts of the sensors. So, such an attempt to put all these tiny sensors is a big deal to comfort.

The Good

  • ​​Smooth and comfortable temperature adjustment.
  • ​Supports both Android and iOS commands.
  • ​Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home.
  • Built-in Alexa voice intake service.
  • ​Helps to manage cold and hot spots in the home.
  • Reduces cooling and heating cost up to 23%.
  • ​Easy, and fast to install.

The Drawbacks

  • ​Poor execution of implementation with Alexa.

Let’s glide through other ​useful features of ecobee smart thermostat.

Product Overview


Ecobee may not be able to provide a better design in ecobee4, comparing Nest Learning or similar popular thermostats. But apart from the design, it stands out in every other feature. It’s got a perfect combination of the smart and touch-sensitive display, fast responsiveness, remote sensor, motion/temperature/proximity detection, and many more.

Let’s have a quick check of some of its frontline features-


The ecobe​e smart looks almost like the earlier version ecobee​4, but there are some certain differences made it stand out of all smart thermostats in the current market. It has accommodated a speaker and a microphone that can let you hear a joke, temperate changes in hoe, weather updates and play music for ​Amazon music service.

Another good news is, ecobee has started to support Google Assistant too. Apart from these few upgrades, the other sensors are identical to ecobee3. The remote sensor, the app, functions, touch interface, and everything else are just the same ​as ecobee​4.


The remote sensor, which is way better than a remote thermometer, will configure your communication with the HVAC system. Moving forward, one terrific feature of ecobee​ smart is, it can set the temperature based on the ​central unit and sensor together. I am so surprised that why other manufacturers haven’t stolen this feature yet!

The motion sensor and remote sensor helps the device together to set up the temperature accordingly when someone enters the room. Also, setting up this little magic box is quite ​a straightforward affair. Three different modes- sleep/home/away helps you with more complicated schedule adjustments.


​Ecobee4 comes with three years of official warranty. Which is good enough to secure ​your investment in this smart thermostat for a long time.

If you were happy with ecobee​4, you’ll love ecobee smart thermostat even more.

Runner Up- Nest Learning Thermostat

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What Do We Like Most?

Our second pick is the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd gen) that is remarkably popular in the market, which is already the closest competitor ​to ecobee4, ecobee3, and others. If you ask us, we’ll bring its ​unique self-learning management into your attention. Thanks to an array of sensors and its advanced learning algorithms, it picks up when someone is moving around, connects the dots if you do it at roughly the same time each day and programs itself in response.

The Good

  • ​Automatically learns what temperature to set itself.
  • ​Integrates with Google Home & Amazon Alexa.
  • ​Powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • ​No C wire is required for installation, making the Nest viable for older setups.
  • ​Automated learning of your behaviors and routines.
  • ​Noticeably cutting down on energy costs.
  • ​Elegantly-designed housing is unobtrusive yet ​pleasing to look at.
  • ​Sprucing up the look of your hallway or living room nicely.
  • ​Frequent software updates ensure the thermostat is always up-to-date.
  • ​Introduces new features over time.
  • ​Has rechargeable battery.

The Drawbacks

  • ​In rare cases, a hardware fault is present which can lead to the battery running out of power.
  • ​The first-time installation is​ a bit hard.

Product Overview

Nest might not have been the first smart thermostat on the market, but its first generation was​ a trendsetter that did a lot of good in convincing people that a smarter home needed an intelligent upgrade to its climate control system. The fact that it looked more like a futuristic gadget than a run-of-the-mill thermostat did much to captivate the imaginations of tech enthusiasts and added to its popularity.


The 3rd generation of Nest has built upon this foundation, and the result is a thermostat that’s more intuitive, has features users themselves requested and, best of all, frees up time you’d waste on programming and monitoring it by actually learning when and how it should be active.

We’ve already told you about its sensors and the advanced learning technology. It will program itself according to your habits at home.


Nest Learning Thermostat is available in the market with two years limited warranty. You can avail the service by their customer support website (​ or phone call.

The result is a climate-controlled environment you can adjust yourself at any time, but don’t have to. The Nest even indicates which temperature settings save the most energy and its app allows you to rethink your expenses and take appropriate action on-the-fly.

Our Budget Pick- Ecobee3 Lite

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What Do We Like Most?

Here we’ve got the terribly famous Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat, one of the most revolutionary models since 2011 in the industry. It’s the lite version of Ecobee3, with a little compromise in some features and price. So, it’s our budget pick as well.

We love the way Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat reads and teaches itself to adjust home temperatures. In its ​primary mode, the Ecobee3 lite takes readings from all the sensors and averages them out, making sure all parts of the home are equally warm. Adding motion detection into the mix, as well as the ability to not take individual sensors into consideration, tailors the thermostat’s activity to your needs throughout the day without having to put much work into it past the initial setup.

The Good

  • ​Offers a comprehensive solution to HVAC control.
  • ​Takes readings from sensors & calculates optimum settings.
  • ​Sleep and away settings automatically turn the thermostat off/on.
  • ​The more sensors you buy, the more detailed their readings get.
  • ​Ecobee3 lite to more reliably maintain the ideal temperature all day long
  • ​Beautiful, simple appearance that’s ​entirely in line with modern home aesthetics
  • ​Comes with one additional external sensor
  • ​Doesn’t require batteries.
  • ​Can be controlled via touchscreen, voice or app.
  • ​Supports a variety of home integration technologies

The Drawbacks

  • ​You only get two sensors with the initial purchase. Requires you to buy more.
  • ​Overlapping away mode causes the heating to re-engage for a time.

Product Overview

Another one of the first major smart thermostats that have emerged since 2011, the Ecobee3 lite is somewhat similar in appearance to the Nest with its black rounded box design and minimalistic touch screen. They differ ​significantly in their approach to smart temperature control though.


The Ecobee3 lite eschews learning about your habits for info gathered through its multi-purpose sensors. These can sense both heat and movement, allowing the ​central thermostat to act on either or both.

You’ll require a C wire to install it, but the process itself doesn’t take long. Once it’s up and running, this advanced version of the Ecobee3 takes control of not just temperature regulation, but ventilation and (de)humidifiers if they’re present too.


Data on all aspects of your home’s microclimate can be viewed at a glance at any time from the touchscreen or requested by voice through Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and other means.

In short, if you’ve got a large home whose various parts don’t require your thermostat’s equal attention and want to address this problem in a high-tech, comfortable way, the Ecobee3 presents itself as your optimal choice.


​ecobee3 Lite also offers 3 years of warranty. So that you can take this without having much worries.​Similar Read: “Ecobee3 vs Ecobee3 Lite”

Budget Runner Up-Honeywell Lyric T5

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What Do We Like Most?

From the early days, Honeywell the brand had been able to draw a reasonable promise of quality in the thermostats that they’ve released yet. With the same impression, we’ve elected Honeywell Lyric T5 on this list. Moreover, as it’s seen, we’re not wrong at all. This simple and effective thermostat is our budget runner-up due to these features and ​an excellent price.

The best part of the feature list of Honeywell Lyric T5 is its smooth voice control. As you’re about to contact your smart thermostat through apps. It’s essential that the voice commands reach and get processed with accuracy. And that’s the strong zone of this Honeywell Lyric T5.

The Good

  • ​Geofencing feature.
  • ​An energy maintenance tool.
  • ​Auto scheduling for ​a specific time period.
  • ​Several levels of heating and cooling.
  • ​Touchscreen with a keypad lock.
  • ​Sensor features in the app.

The Drawbacks

  • ​Setup is difficult for first timers.

Let’s head in for more of the inspections and features-

Product Overview

To let you save more of your house’s energy, Honeywell Lyric T5 has a way to set the heating/cooling cycle at a fixed set rate. The difference between another Honeywell model (Lyric round) and this Honeywell Lyric T5 is, it’s a thinner and lighter version of the previous one. So, it will be less expensive as well.

Moving forward, it will send push notifications when the temperature or humidity of your home will change at a significant level.

Like any best smart thermostat, it’s an efficient device for balancing the imperfect temperature of any room of the house. Based on the current temperature, it will do the job itself. And like I said, it will send you emergency notifications in emergency cases.

We liked the way Honeywell made this device an easy-to-install one. Even the first-time user can go smoothly while installing it.


​Well, ​it includes two years of warranty. But when you get it installed by a Professional contractor, you’ll get ​five years of warranty on the Honeywell Lyric T5.

Honeywell RTH9580WF Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

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What Do We Like Most?

Till now, we’ve discussed every best smart thermostat that is great for home uses. But here at this point, we’d love to have something that is made to be for businesses. We’re talking about the companies and institutions like museums, archives, offices etc. And considering both security and quality, Honeywell Smart Wi-fi Thermostat stands out of the crowd. Now, you can think of it as a budget pick as well.

The Good

  • ​Suited for home and office use
  • ​Programmable active time & adjustable color scheme
  • ​Nuanced temperature control in increments of one degree
  • ​Complete control of temperature, ventilation, and humidity.
  • ​Temperature, humidity and fan control
  • ​Precisely calibrated home and work environments as well as lower expenses
  • ​A host of security options keeps unwanted persons from changing the thermostat’s settings
  • ​Looks good practically anywhere since the screen’s color palette is so big
  • ​The app isn’t restricted to smart devices and can be easily operated from a work computer

The Drawbacks

  • ​Sluggish in picking up subtle temperature shifts.
  • ​Need to manually reestablish the Wi-Fi if it ever goes offline.
  • ​Requires a common wire to draw power from.

Let’s have a look at other useful features of it as well-

Product Overview

One aspect of a thermostat’s use that doesn’t get enough attention is its security. While the wicked deed of raising the temperature by a few degrees probably won’t matter much in the home, doing so in certain businesses or institutions like archives and museums can have a severe effect on their contents.

That’s why Honeywell’s RTH9580WF smart thermostat has additional security features which make it great for business as well as home use.

You can set a password for its touchscreen to restrict access. As an added measure, voice commands and responses to the touchscreen can be completely disabled, leaving only control through a desktop computer or smart device via the accompanying app.


Like the Ecobee3, it extends to humidification devices and ventilation systems too, helping to maintain ideal working and living conditions. You can choose to be informed of unfavorable temperatures and humidity levels by the app’s push messages and can then intervene in time.

Another plus for Honeywell’s RTH9580WF is the touchscreen itself. Not only is it full of useful information and easy to navigate, but any color you like can be set as its background, ensuring that it will blend harmoniously into any environment.

This is a multi-function smart thermostat that’s ideally suited for pinpoint, precise climate control which no one will be able to tamper with.

​Best Z-Wave- GoControl Thermostat

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​What Do We Like Most?

Z-wave thermostats are a spectacular kind of devices that are proven to be very efficient at cooling/heating job effortlessly. Though the z-wave hub that you might purchase, GoControl Thermostat can deliver extreme comfort on your home’s temperature situation as well as cost reduction. This is our best selection for Z-Wave thermostat category.

The Good

  • ​It’s a GC-TBZ48 powered z-wave thermostat.
  • ​You can connect and control through smart mobile devices.
  • ​Mountable hardware that runs on 4 AA batteries.
  • ​Powered by both batteries and C wire.
  • ​Both Z-wave hubs and 2GIG security system
  • ​Conserves energy by a lot.
  • ​Works with central HVAC systems.
  • ​A very affordable price.

The Drawbacks

  • ​Nothing special until you get a smart hub.

Product Overview

When it comes to reducing electric power expense with your home automation kit, GoControl Thermostat is one of the best options for its users. It reinforces your house initiatives and also automates the house temperature as any other best thermostat does.


This very product is cheap in price. But that doesn’t mean that it will come up with features that won’t be useful at all. Take the HVAC connectivity as an example. It connects to HVAC systems in two ways. First- if you have a standard HVAC system with 2 stage heat and 2 stage coolness. Second- Heat pump HVAC systems with 2 stages ​cooling and 3 stage heat.

You can get handy and get the most out of this awesome thermostat by putting it with central Z-wave central manager functions. If you need to have an eye on the temperature changes and make​ the necessary adjustments to the thermostat remotely, Go Control Thermostat is the best available option for you.

If you want to change the heat of the whole house, or its partial part as well, you can do it ​quickly with a solitary faucet.​Read Also: “11 Best Z-Wave Thermostat for You

Best Overall: Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat [ST75/ST75w]

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​What Do We Like Most?

What we loved most about Sensi Smart Thermostat is, it’s a combination of all of the ​ethical virtues that a smart thermostat should have. No matter it’s the remote control or the touchscreen, or the price-quality ratio, we loved every bit of its user-friendly features. For its combination of all the ​right perks, the Sensi Smart Thermostat is on our favorite list.

The Good

  • ​Intuitive installation backed by a step-by-step guide.
  • ​Clean, informative and organized touchscreen interface.
  • ​Touch-operated screen and Built-in nightlight.
  • ​Easy to pick up, even by people who aren’t that tech-savvy.
  • ​In-depth scheduling and geofencing make the thermostat active.
  • ​Loss of Wi-Fi connectivity doesn’t adversely affect your preferred settings.
  • ​Can be controlled by multiple users by installing the app on more than one device.
  • ​Compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and similar services.

The Drawbacks

  • ​The thermostat’s screen shuts off too quickly.
  • ​Missing a continuous mode toggle would have been a better solution.
  • ​Is more expensive than Emerson’s basic model

Product Overview

Sensi Touch Wi-Fi thermostat is another of an advanced model of the thermostat of the market. It’s hard not to draw parallels between this model and Emerson’s other entry. In short, they share almost all of their positive traits while the Touch has a few of its own advantages and shortcomings brought on by the different screen.

Mobile App:

Most importantly though, you get to take advantage of everything that’s included in the Sensi app. Just make a new account on Sensi’s homepage and download the app to your phone / PC.

Installing the smart thermostat will be a breeze by following along with the tutorials. The scheduler and geofencing make a comeback too, as do the lockout abilities and integration with a slew of automation services.


So, what’s different? Apart from the obviously more modern touchscreen that’s a testament to simple and efficient user interface design, not much.

Other ​notable differences include the need to have a common wire handy for installation, control by different users that are privy to the app’s password, no more loss of functionality if the Wi-Fi ever goes out, and support for Apple’s home automation service, HomeKit.

Whether these are reason enough to pick this model over its non-touchscreen cousin is a matter of personal opinion, but top-notch performance is assured whichever of the two you decide on.

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat [ST55]

[amazon box=”​​​​B01NB1OB0I” grid=”1″]

What Do We Like Most?

​Sensi’s ST55 / UP500W comes with an elegant design and a low price. It’s precise in features, smart in connecting with home assistants like Alexa, and got a cool design as well. The difference between Sensi’s ST55 / UP500W is The Emerson Sensi UP500W doesn’t support Apple HomeKit.

If we overlook some of the little drawbacks, we think Emerson Sensi ST55 / UP500W Wi-fi Thermostat is worth being on your shortlist. So It’s holding ​​a position ​in our list of the smart thermostat.

 The Good

  • ​Large clear display
  • ​Pleasing to look at and will fit in perfectly with modern/traditional décor.
  • ​To get the thermostat to work is clearly outlined and demonstrated in the app
  • ​Geofencing and scheduling make forgetting to turn the thermostat off.
  • ​An excellent app that ​efficiently controls the thermostat’s every aspect.
  • ​Using the wall-mounted controls is straightforward for any generation
  • ​Can be controlled by voice, or app.
  • ​Has multiple ways of temperature control when you’re away

The Drawbacks

  • ​The thermostat doesn’t have its own internal server.
  • ​Walls and floors are obstacles that decrease the connection’s quality.

Product Overview

This is the most cost-effective smart thermostat in the guide, and coincidentally it happens to resemble a traditional one the most. Don’t think that just because it costs half as much as the Nest there’s little value to be had from the Sensi Smart Thermostat.

While it’s true that with it you’re giving up on the minimalistic look and learning features, this smart thermostat comes with its own set of advantages, most notably the app.

​The App:

Versatile, intuitive and extremely helpful when it comes to the device’s installation and setup, the Sensi’s app is the perfect companion. It lets you access all of its features with a few taps and control the way it operates in two distinctive ways – geofencing, which keeps the thermostat on only when your smartphone is on the premises, and weekly scheduling that you can take complete control of, planning out the individual days’ activity.

All of this can be done through its analog interface, which can also be made inaccessible by the app. Voice activation is present too, adding even more contemporary functionality to its timeless form.

You’re getting this at a price that’s reasonable to boot, so the Sensi Smart Thermostat becomes even more tempting.

Bosch Connected Control Wi-Fi Thermostat [BCC100]

[amazon box=” ​B073XHD8BB” grid=”1″]

What Do We Like Most?

At this point, we have a cheap, and comparatively newer product in the market, named Bosch Connected Control BCC100 Wi-Fi Thermostat. It’s a smart thermostat with all necessary features in it, where the ​first side of this item is the efficiency it has ​on energy savings.

Based on the pre-program, it will automatically turn on or off itself. Also, it will track your location (in the home or out of ​residence) and provide ​the necessary actions of turning on and off the device.

The Good

  • ​Smooth and swift voice control.
  • ​It connects to smartphones and devices.​
  • ​Cost effective maintenance.
  • Full-color touch panel display.
  • ​Compatible with hat pump.
  • ​HVAC compatibility.

The Drawbacks

  • ​The price seems to be a little more than expected.

It has a handful of other features. I would like you to have a look-

Product Overview

Easy scheduling is the best thing that I loved about this device. It’s super easy to setup and instructs. ​So once you provide the necessary instructions to the device, it will act accordingly to save the energy and cost of home maintenance.

Like any other good quality thermostats, it will connect to the smartphone and its app. You can access, control and command anything you want to do about your home’s temperature and energy expense.

Another useful feature of the Bosch Connected Control Wi-Fi Thermostat is, it has a heat pump that has 4 heat and 2 cool levels, and another conventional setting with 2 cool and 2 heat levels. Both of them are used to maintain a good home.

All in over, we loved this Bosch Connected Control Wi-Fi Thermostat a lot. Hope it will be on your favorite list too.

Kono Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

[amazon box=” B07CT3GNZ8″ grid=”1″]

What Do We Like Most?

This is the last pick of thermostat models ​in the list of smart thermostat. But as it’s still on our favorite list, there are ​ undoubtedly some features that pay off the money you invest in it.

When it comes to app-based control, most of the companies offer a smooth control offer. ​However, later on, most of the users complain about the connectivity of the apps. But at the #10 product of our list, we’ve got something that had overcomes this connectivity problem in a great way. So, the best part of this product is the smooth connectivity.There is also a good thermostat for the same manufacturer you should check is > LuxPro GEO Wifi Thermostat.

The Good

  • ​Smooth and fast remote control.
  • ​Universal compatibility.
  • ​​Works with Amazon Alexa.
  • ​C-wired powered system.
  • ​Stunning design.
  • ​Reliable service and price.

The Drawbacks

  • ​Not multi-level heat control.

Let’s see what else is there for you-

Product Overview

The lux app that comes with Kono Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat is a smooth one. In fact, we can call it one of the finest controller app of today’s thermostats. Also, this device works great with all sort of devices like Amazon Alexa, Google home assistant etc.

Also, the device is powered by c-wired systems. It’s compatible with forced air, oil, gas, and everything. Also, the product comes with a very ​low price.

The last thing that we love is the design of this product. Once you have a look at it, you’ll be loving it too.

What should you consider before buying a ​thermostat?

​Before purchasing a smart thermostat, you must know about C-Wire, HVAC Compatibility, Installation Process, warranty, after-sales support, etc. Below we’ll guide you through them.


Compatibility of A Smart Thermostat with Alexa/Google/Apple Homekit

One of the ​most impressive features that made smart thermostats a day-to-day gadget for every home, is its compatibility with ​intelligent home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google or Apple Homekit. Think about a smart thermostat combined with Amazon’s Alexa / Google. You can set the temperature of a room, change it or set it to any value just with a voice command like these-

  1. Alexa set the bedroom temperature to 55 degrees.
  2. Hey ​Google set the ‘Thermostat’ to 65 degrees.
  3. ​Increase the temperature of the living room by 4 degrees.

All you have to do is just saying it. The home assistant and thermostat will take over and do the rest. There are even some manufacturer-specific Alexa commands. Brands like Ecobee, Nest has got their own chart of Alexa commands that made the task even better.

Checking Compatibility:

To ​test whether your thermostat is compatible with smart home assistants or not, you have to check the manufacturer’s guide. If you find something like ‘Works with Alexa/Google Home/Apple HomeKit’, put a smile on your face.

One good news is, most of the devices we’ve listed here, are compatible with these smart home assistants. For a better view, here are some of the brands that produce thermostats with built-in compatibility-

  • Ecobee4/ Ecobe3 or Ecobee3 Lite
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Honeywell Lyric
  • SunSmart Thermostat
  • Venstar T3700 or Venstar T7900
  • iDevices Thermostats


Having a C-wire is advantage, C-wire mean “Common Wire”.Read more in this post: What is C-Wire? Everything you need to know!

HVAC System- What and Why?

One of the very few terms that comes to a smart thermostat is the HVAC system of the home. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Although they are different terms in action, in modern households, they’ve combined into one system.

The reason for HVAC becoming so important is, heating and cooling is the ​primary utility charge taker of any home. Unless you are living in ​an entirely natural climate, HVAC system will take 44% of your entire utility cost every year.

To cut out this cost, you should be very concerned about the consumption, use, and recycling of energy. ​Also, that’s where the HVAC system and Smart Thermostats connects to each other.

The discussion of HVAC and Smart thermostats is quite a complex one. ​However, let’s start it straightforwardly-

The question that most thermostat owners should ask is- Is the HVAC system of my home is compatible with the smart thermostat I’m thinking to buy?

Well, to pursue the answer to the question, let’s have a glance at ​different voltage system and wiring. Because the compatibility of your home’s HVAC system and a smart thermostat will depend on how low voltage the system has. Usually, households have two kinds of voltage systems- the 120v one and the 24V one.

How to Identify A 24v System?

  1. If you have two or more wire in the wiring.
  2. Two of the wires are low gauge compared to the typical ​cable.
  3. ​When you have some heating vents on the floor.
  4. If you have a furnace somewhere in the house.
  5. ​Any kind of central heat conditioners like a heat pump, boiler or a split system.
  6. ​​Two wires are multicolored.
  7. If the thermostat setting affects more than one room.

​​​​On these terms, you have one of more than one sign of the list common to your home, and ​you have a 24v HVAC system in the house, which is ​suitable for smart thermostats.

How to Identify A 120v System?

  1. If there are 2 or 4 wires which are thick is size.
  2. ​​The heater of the house operated on a room-by-room basis.
  3. Watch of the rooms has its own thermostat dial.
  4. You have either radiant, resistance or convection heater.
  5. ​When the house is a cabin, cottage, ski lodge, apartment or a condo.

If you have any of these signs at the place you’re living in, you need to modify a standard smart thermostat or purchase a modified one.

How to Install A Smart Thermostat Properly

If you’ve got the right pick of the smart thermostat in hand, now it’s time to install it properly. Here is the 3-step guide to set up a smart thermostat-

Step 1: Unbox it And Get Familiar with ItUnbox the thermostat in your hands and check the compatibility of it with the wiring system. If you find a thick set of wires on the box, a smart thermostat is probably not for your home. Otherwise, if you have wires marked ‘Common’, then there is a chance. If you can’t locate the c-wire, consult with your local electrician. 

Step 2: Check the CompatibilityCheck the compatibility of the smart thermostat with the voltage system. If they match, then connect the labeled wires to the respective ports. Connect the face plate and finally check the connection and turn on the circuit breaker. 

Step 3: Setup and Connect it to the Internet and Wifi.

Now it the thermostat is done with setting up, it’s time to connect it to the internet and wifi. If you have a router that’s more than three years old, the router may not support a smart thermostat. So, make sure you can get a new router if necessary.

Great work! Pat your back.

Bottom Line

​After all, ​we know that it’s a tough choice to get the best ​suitable thermostat for your home.

However hopefully, our list and recommendation of the best smart thermostats have helped you right away.

All you have to do is, you have to find which smart home thermostat match your needs. Read our guidelines carefully and choose the right one!​​

​If you have any questions ​in mind, feel free to comment below. We’d love to help. Thanks for being there until the very end of the article. Have good luck!

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