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    What is Z-wave Technology? Smart Home Automation Solution

    By Home Techie / November 1, 2018

    ​You are out having a delicious dinner in a fancy restaurant and suddenly remember, “oops! I have left the front door lock open.”What do you do?You dig into your pocket, bring the smartphone out, and with a single swipe lock the front door.That’s Z-Wave technology for you. Ok, I may have oversimplified things a bit.That’s why […]


      11 Best Z-Wave Thermostat for You in 2018

      By Home Techie / April 1, 2018

      Smart people live in smarter homes – Sorry, I just made that up. For the past couple of years, while people are going crazy adapting automation system for their homes, Z-Wave technology has its own pros and cons. So, watch out picking up the best z-wave thermostat for your temperature control needs. Programmable thermostats might seem […]