Top 10 Thermostat with Remote Sensor 2020 (Review & Guide)

There was a time when homeowners always used to have a headache of hooking up the thermostat to the desired temperature. To save both of the energy costs and the house’s comfortable temper, that was a part of their day to day chores.

But long gone are those days! Today is the reign of technology and it has entered right into your house. We’re talking about smart thermostats and that’s what this article is all about.

So, you have heard about smart thermostats lately. But how much are you aware of the “actual” difference of a regular thermostat, programmable thermostat, and a smart thermostat? And what about the thermostat with remote sensor?

Well, we will break down for you.

How The Remote Sensors in Thermostat Actually Works?

The sensor allows the thermostats to gauge the temperature, sense the human/pet presence of the entire house and not only one particular area wirelessly. Suppose you have a large house, then you will certainly need a thermostat with some sensors.

In more detail:
While the temperature of the ground floor is okay, the second floor is way colder. In that case, a thermostat without a sensor won’t be of much help as it will be able to gauge the temperature of only one floor.

But if you place the thermostat on one floor, and the sensor on another, then the thermostat will be able to gather proper information through the thermostat and control the temperature to your comfort.

“Ecobee is the pioneer of remote sensor thermostats.”

#Too Short time? Quick Glimpse of Top Contenders

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Regular Thermostat Vs Smart Thermostat- The Differences

Remote Sensor vs Regular Thermostat

There are a couple of features that create the difference between a smart thermostat, a regular thermostat, and a programmable thermostat.

  1. With a Regular Thermostat, you can use it as a control panel from where the entire air conditioning system of the home can be controlled.
  2. A Programmable Thermostat can be the kit which can intake heating or cooling schedule in advance and will change temperatures of the home accordingly.
  3. The best of them all, the Smart Thermostat is the kit which can adjust the room temperature on their own. Through this device, you will also have control over your smartphone where you can control the operation of the thermostat quite easily.

Remote Sensor Thermostat Vs. Remote Control Thermostat- The Differences

We will be talking about Remote sensor thermostats in this article. But don’t get confused with a wireless Remote sensor thermostat and a Remote control thermostat.

Here is the basic discussion-

  1. Remote Control Thermostat – It’s a thermostat that is connected to Wifi internet and you as a user, can connect, and control it through a website or a mobile app.
  2. Remote Sensor Thermostat – Based on the information, the sensor of a thermostat receives, it takes decisions of adjusting the heating/cooling, and that’s what we call remote sensor thermostat.

Thermostat with Remote Sensor Capabilities: Reviews

Below we have reviews of the top quality thermostats with wireless remote sensors features that the market has to offer:

Editor’s Choice –

1. Honeywell Home T9 – The best Smart Thermostat with Remote Sensors

What Do We Like Most About This Product?

Our first impression of this Honeywell wifi thermostat with the remote sensor is one of sleek performance, and the second impression, of course, is on how smooth and purely white the exterior is. But it doesn’t just look beautiful but performs that way too.

To cut it short, let’s just say that this thermostat is going to make your life much more comfortable.

If you are having trouble adjusting to the changes in temperature in your house, then this thermostat is basically the only answer you need to seek. Its highly efficient sensor is mainly to be thanked for this.

The sensor is the most vital component of the thermostat, and you can tell the manufacturers took that seriously. The higher the amount of power, the higher its efficiency.

Product Overview:

This sensor has a range that extends as wide as about 200 feet. It will be able to cover the entire area of your house, and in case you have a house too big for it, you would still be able to make adjustments in the device to use it for a longer range.

Also, the smart technology in the Honeywell Home T9 will have you making no compromises for the way you live in your house. With enhanced abilities to focus on multiple rooms at once, the temperature can be controlled in several areas altogether. It will keep the rooms in your house equally comfortable.

For better comfort, convenience, and use, the thermostat comes with an option to set an “auto-away” timer that turns the device off when you go out of its range.

One of the things that we were most impressed with is, of course, the way in which this thermostat seems to have a mind of its own. It can adjust to the patterns of temperature changes in your house.


  • Has a great sensor that can manage the temperature over long distances.
  • The installation of the device is very clear and simple in the manual.
  • Has the ability to learn and adapt to changing patterns.
  • An automatic timer system is installed inside to track your needs.
  • You will be able to control it easily with your phone or a built-in timer.


  • Sensors cannot be synced up to the thermostat using a smartphone.

2. ecobee SmartThermostat (5th Generation)

What Do We Like Most About This Product?

This isn’t the first time you’ll see an Ecobee product in our review list, and there’s a very good reason for that. Each Ecobee product is packed with a host of impressive features that are bound to leave you wowed for sure, but this Fifth Generation ecobee SmartThermostat with smart remote sensors is particularly special to us: let’s find out why.

Moreover, this glass-constructed thermostat has a smooth touch display and incorporates a highly intuitive voice sensor, but that’s not even the most impressive thing about it. With Spotify Connect facilities and full Alexa integration, you’ll forget how you lived before buying this thing.

Product Overview:

So first of all, let’s have a look at what’s in the box. With your purchase, you’re not only getting a smart glass thermostat, but also a little white smart remote sensor that can be placed anywhere in the home.

This sensor is what makes all the difference when it comes to temperature regulation. One of the common pitfalls of using a smart thermostat is its inability to monitor the temperature of every room effectively; this sensor comes to change all of that. It reads not only the temperature but also the occupancy of the room at any given time.

Equipped with a high-performing quad-core processor and dual-band WiFi capabilities, this thermostat can do so much more than just regulate the temperature.

Alexa integration ensures a world of convenience, of which our favorite is probably the ability to connect to Spotify. Plus, you can also use the smart app on your iPhone or Android device to change the music or temperature no matter where you are.

And that’s not all: with this thermostat, you’re lowering the amount of energy you waste in your home, up to 23%, on both cooling and heating costs.


  • Extremely easy to install; you can effortlessly do it yourself.
  • Built-in Alexa facilities allow you to use several functions.
  • Included sensor greatly enhances temperature regulation capabilities.
  • Integrates quickly and easily with every kind of smart home system.
  • Allows for up to 23% of energy savings.


  • The user interface isn’t very intuitive and can be time-consuming to navigate.

3. Nest Learning Thermostat with Remote Temperature Sensor

What Do We Like Most About This Product?

Of course, you have to get the visual look of the thermostat whenever you’re controlling it. The best thing about Nest Learning Thermostat is, the way it has enabled this look. The feature is called farsight, and it enables you to see the temperature, time or other weather information from a distance. Also, you can choose to see between an analog or a digital clock. Overall, that’s the first impression that it brings on.

Nest Remote sensors do not have motion-detecting technology, they are only capable of sensing Heat/Temperature. So the sensor is most likely a temperature sensor.

Let’s have a closer look at the features of this smart thermostat-

Product Overview:

Nest Learning Thermostat has a seamless installation process with a beautiful design. It has a lot of functions and it is highly interactive. The programmable features include the following highlights-

With the number of features and the thermostat’s compatibility, it is unlikely that there will be frequent maintenance or troubleshooting issues when you finally install this gadget.

Nest Thermostat is intelligent. It develops a schedule that depends on a studied assumption of your usage. The preferences of your household will be stored and customized to align with the choices of weather during the first week after installation.

The simplistic design makes this thermostat to be one of the most seamless while using wireless connectivity. It allows you to interplay with menu list items and adjusts temperature with the control buttons.

Also, the compatibility of this thermostat with the wireless sensor is easy to collaborate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or any other popular smart home schemes.


  • Automatic scheduling.
  • Geofencing.
  • The thermostat can run on multiple power stages.
  • Compatible with multiple cooling and heating levels.
  • There is no need for common wire set up.
  • In-built free task automation service (IFTTT).
  • Home automation platforms (Alexa, Google home, etc).


  • The price seems to be a little higher than expected.
  • No motion detection sensors.

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4. Honeywell T10 Pro wifi thermostat

What Do We Like Most About This Product?

If you’ve already heard about the Honeywell Lyric thermostat, then you might have been impressed. Now take all the great features of that product and add in a few more distinguishing features, and you have the T10 Pro.

So what makes the T10 pro different from the Lyric? The sensor, of course! We all know that the sensor is where it’s at when it comes to a smart and efficient thermostat, but why exactly? Let’s find out why the sensor on the T10 pro is particularly impressive.

Product Overview:

As we know, the purpose of a sensor is to enhance the thermostat’s ability to regulate the temperature in a more intuitive manner. The T10 takes that a step further by incorporating detection systems for not just that, but also moisture and humidity.

You might be able to imagine how that could potentially make your life much, much easier. The last thing someone wants to do upon returning home on a hot summer day, sweating to death, is to sit around trying to figure out the thermostat. And the T10 will effortlessly pick up on the humidity levels and do that for you.

And obviously, this also takes into consideration the occupancy of the room. So once you’ve left the house, it will regulate itself to reduce energy consumption.

The best part is undoubtedly the fact that this thermostat can be paired with more than 20 different sensors. Big house? No problem; the T10 pro will wow you with its ability to understand your very specific schedule and requirements or preferences thereof.

All of that being said, the performance of this machine is sometimes questionable. You might experience Wi-Fi connectivity issues, along with an inability of your smartphone to accurately display temperature readings. It’s an intuitive little machine, however, and will serve its main purpose reliably for the most part.


  • The in-built sensor measures not only the temperature but also moisture and humidity.
  • Fully integrated with Alexa and Google Assist compatibility.
  • The sensor signal can cover a range of up to 200 feet.
  • Convenient and intuitive automatic Home/Away scheduling.


  • Some users have reported issues pertaining to Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The user interface display is somewhat inadequate.

5. GLAS Smart Thermostat by Johnson Controls – Air & occupancy sensing thermostat

What Do We Like Most About This Product?

The best thing about this thermostat is the vast amount of information that you can get from it. It is a device that will show details about not only the temperature but all the quality of the air you’re breathing.

You will be able to get measures of the carbon dioxide and the number of volatile compounds that are in the air.

Product Overview:

This device does a lot more than just to keep the temperature in control. When you set it up, you will be able to get reports of the elements in the air. It all shows up on the display. Speaking of displays, we must say that this one doesn’t look all that fancy as the other ones we have seen until now.

It is a straight-forward OLED screen that tells us all the important things about the environment without catching too many praises for itself. This is a very neat and clean display, which is very easy to read.

The device can be synced in with home systems such as Cortana and Alexa. You will be able to control the device by channeling your commands through these voice systems. A very convenient thing in itself, because it makes you have control without even approaching the device.

It has an amazing occupancy sensor, the job of which is to detect your presence or absence in the room so that it can turn itself off or switch itself on. The system can be made to be fully automated without much of a hassle at all. Instructions in the guide are very clear, and they will have you complete the setup in no time at all.


  • The interface is really easy to read and use
  • It not only works on the temperature but also improves air quality
  • Has compatibility with HVAC configurations
  • Can be synced up with Cortana and Alexa for better control
  • Very easily programmable
  • You can connect several of these thermostats together by one app


  • The display switches off on its own, and this feature cannot be switched off
  • Not much customization is allowed with on-screen labels

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6. ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat, 2nd Gen (Sensor not included)

What Do We Like Most About This Product?

All ecobee products can save about the same percentage of energy on a yearly basis; that’s not too distinctive at all. We have already come to expect this much from these products. The ecobee 3 Lite has everything that an ecobee device should have. But it doesn’t control all the rooms. Rather, it makes you select specific rooms. To control other rooms you have to purchase the Smart Sensors additionally.

According to us, this is much more energy-efficient and sensible than having all rooms unnecessarily synced up. This is why we like the ecobee3 lite better. It doesn’t enable any indulgence in the power of technology.

Product Overview:

Going by appearance, this device is a lot different than the one we have just finished talking about. Firstly, it’s a jet black compact device. Secondly, it has an LED screen that is almost matte black and looks like it’s a part of the same black that the device is made of. It looks super cool.

Well, after that comes the sensors: the most important system for the thermostat to work with. You will be able to have it connect to the sensors in the room, and then control them using the cool little device.

With its smart technology, the device will be able to read the current temperature of the room and then make adjustments by bringing the temperature up or down as per necessity.

If you are wondering about the installation hassle, then let us tell you that there are none. Unlike several other devices in the market, the manual guide that comes with this describes ways to set up the whole thing in clear and precise language. Set up will take only about 30 minutes, even if you are a complete newbie at this.

The best part, despite all these, is that once set up is complete, you will have full control over the system with apps from any android or iOS device.


  • Very well-lit displays that look very luxurious
  • You will be able to save up on 23% of your annual electrical output
  • Setup is very quick and simple
  • Control is easy with your mobile device, tablet, and even your desktop
  • Can be integrated with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart home systems


  • The automatic start-up feature cannot be turned off.
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7. Google T4000ES Nest  Thermostat E  (Sensors are Not included)

What Do We Like Most About This Product?

Well, besides the superficial element, there’s also the fact that this device is highly programmable. You can redesign the way that the whole thing works, all by yourself with only the instructions as your guide.

Product Overview:

First of all, we would like to point out the simplicity exhibited in the display of this device. If you have looked at other thermostats, you will see that this one seems empty without the readings of temperature, time, and weather indicator.

Many would consider these an added advantage, but with the Google Nest, things are kept simple. One very futuristic element of the display is that the screen appears completely opaque. But when you move towards it and get in its range, an orange neon slowly fades in and shows the current temperature of the room.

It is a pretty neat device, we must say. You will be able to protect your control specifications on the device by locking it in with a pin code. This is good because it will help to keep the temperature adjustments stable and thus make the device perform in top-notch standards for a longer time.

To exercise your agency in the room settings, you will be able to sync up the device with smart home systems like Google Home, Alexa, and more. You will get a list of all compatible systems on the internet. Also, you will be able to command the device even without a Wi-Fi connection, which is a great basic advantage to have.


  • Has a cool-looking frosted display that looks like its blended into the body
  • It has a home-away feature that automatically turns controls off
  • Can be controlled with a remote app
  • Will give you the power to save a lot of electrical energy
  • You will be able to check the energy utilization records anytime


  • The display screen sensor malfunctions quite often.

Alternative of Remote Sensing Thermostat

Geo-fencing is an efficient and budget-friendly alternative to sensor-integrated thermostats. It works by setting a virtual diameter (hence the name “fencing”) around your home. This is then used to track your location and regulate temperature accordingly. Some of the best geo-fencing thermostats we’ve found :

LuxPro GEO

One of the main features of geo-fencing thermostats that make them such a convenient choice is their simplicity. That lack of complications is epitomized by this neat but stylish little thermostat from Lux.

The radius geo-fencing technology used by this unit is quite accurate given the price of the thing;


  • The large display provides efficiently displays all necessary information.
  • Offers programming of up to 7 days.
  • It Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.
  • Can’t be used with and without Wi-Fi.
  • Offers super easy and convenient set-up.


  • Likely to deteriorate quickly in the event of frequent power outages.
  • Some users have reported issues with temperature sensing.

Honeywell Home RCHT8612WF T5 Plus Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Thermostat

Equipped with a flexible week-long programming capability that allows efficient scheduling, this thermostat works using geo-fencing technology of surprising accuracy. It tracks your location using your smartphone’s bearings so that it knows when to turn itself on or off.


  • Quickly and automatically detects changes in temperature for necessary corrections.
  • Extremely easy to set up in just a few quick steps.
  • Comes with custom fan settings to help you regulate airflow.
  • Provides useful push notifications about important adjustments.


  • Only functions with a 2.4GhZ Wi-Fi signal.
  • The app design is lacking in intuition.

 Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

Like a good quality thermostat, Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat has got location-based temperature control and a 7-day programmable schedule of temperature control. As a benefit, you’ll get rid of any sort of a waste of energy and power.


  • Two sensors (weather condition and humidity).
  • It comes with a plumb level to make installation easy.
  • The online technical support that troubleshoots the thermostat remotely (via social media network).
  • You would not need a C-wire during installation.


  • The monochromatic screen display can be difficult to read data.

Alternative sensors of Remote sensors

These alternative sensors are considerable for those who already have an old Honeywell thermostat with the mentioned models below in the sensor details. We do not recommend to buy a new thermostat which supports these sensors…

  • Honeywell FBA C7189R1004 Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor


This Honeywell remote temperature sensor can operate in temperatures between 35 and 114 degrees Fahrenheit and augment your existing thermostat’s ability to help regulate the temperature in your home for optimal comfort. But it is only compatible with RedLINK 2. 0 thermostats. Installation is very easy.

Once again, this sensor won’t detect room occupancy. However, it is a highly intuitive and efficient little machine, and we think it’s every bit worth the money.


  • The simple but sleek design will complement any room’s aesthetic.
  • Purchase includes mounting hardware and 2 AA batteries.
  • Setting it up is super easy thanks to pre-calibration.


  • Incapable of motion/occupancy detection.
  • Only RedLink Thermostat Compatible.

  •  Honeywell C7189U1005 Remote Temperature Sensor (for Th7000, Th8000 VisionPro)


Honeywell C7189U1005 sensor is available to help out if your existing thermostat isn’t doing the best job of temperature detection. And not just that; this thing also detects moisture and humidity, although it won’t detect room occupancy.

It’s easy to set up; just attach it to your wall, and you’re good to go.

All of that being said, this sensor is compatible mainly with two existing Honeywell thermostat models: the Th7000 and Th8000 VisionPro series.
So you might run into some issues if you try to use it with other brand’s models.


  • Fully and seamlessly compatible with Honeywell Th7000 and Th8000 thermostats.
  • The compact and convenient design suits the aesthetic of any room.
  • Supports running wires of up to 200 feet for enhanced sensitivity.


  • You might face issues adjusting the sensor to other thermostat brands.


So, that was the list of best thermostat with remote sensor control guys. Hope that you’ve already found the best possible fit for your requirements and proceed with the buying decision. Also, make sure that you have the right set of warranty and service centers with whatever product you tend to purchase. Also do not forget to check your HVAC and wiring system if they are compatible or not.

Comment below if you have any question, I would be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a Smart Remote Sensor thermostat at home?

A thermostat that has remote sensors, help to maintain the cooling or heating systems in order to maintain a steady temperature in different rooms of the house. They will help to keep the rooms at a consistent temperature without too much effort. Also saves energy usages by motion detection/occupancy sensing.

Do I need to calibrate my thermostat?

Yes, otherwise the readings won’t be accurate, and they will get progressively worse.

How to figure out if the readings are correct?

If you have any doubt about the thermostat's temperature which is showing on its monitor, Using tape, attach a thermometer to the thermostat. Let them take readings for 10 minutes, then check if they match. If yes, they are correct.

Can all thermostats be connected to smartphones?

Yes, as long as you have an active Wi-Fi connection enabled on both the devices, you will be able to sync them both.

Do the batteries matter?

Yes, if the batteries are low on power, it will interrupt the full functionality of the thermostat so that the room will overheat or cool down too much. or the connectivity range will be decreased.

Does Nest have remote sensor?

Yes, as we described above that the sensor has remote sensing capability of Temperature, humidity but no motion detection feature.

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  1. This is not what I refer to as remote sensor.Here is the scenario. the thermostat is parked near the front door. If you set 50 degrees, it fight to bring the front door temp to 50. In the meantime, the bedroom has shot to 80 degrees. I want a remote sensor that stops heating when the bedroom reaches a comfortable 60 degrees. I don’t care how cold or warm the front door is.

    • Hi Bob Young,
      I think your opinion and our information is very similar as we added more details about remote sensors and it’s types.

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  2. can you recommend a remote control thermostat with the lower temperature range in the 36 degree range. I gave a mountain home away with the heater and pipes eneath the house. I would like to be able to control the heat in the winter nto keep pipes from freezing. thanks
    Wes Neal

    • Hi Wes Neal,
      I would suggest buying “Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat” if you do not need remote sensing, It’s very reliable and cost-effective and can be maintained from distance via app. If you do not live in that house regularly make the temperature between 55-58 Degree Fahrenheit.
      You can check above for our review.

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  3. I have a 15 year old Trane system thermostat and I get up during the night to change temp. I want to install a new thermostat that can be adjusted from my bed by a simple remote unit without using wifi. Is there such a unit.
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    • Hi Lee,

      There are few remote control system but those are Fireplace + thermostat controller. You can easily control Ecobee/Nest using your smartphone too.


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