Make/Convert Ceiling Fan to Smart Fan Control – Any Protocol

Pull-chain / ordinary ceiling fans are a thing of the past. Improvements in technology have given us the benefit of controlling many of our home appliances such as the ceiling fan with one click.

Smart home systems are becoming more and more popular nowadays. With easy access to all appliances and gadgets in your home without having to get up, why wouldn’t it be?

That is why you should invest in turning your old pull-chain fans into smart fan control ones. This is a turnover that you can easily do and will cost way less than completely replacing all the fans in your house.

Say goodbye to getting up to turn on fans and lights. With a house that has a smart home automation system, you can have all controls in the palm of your hand.

Turning Old Ceiling Fan to a Smart Fan – Does This Make Sense?

We’re sure you’ve got ceiling fans that you installed a long time ago thinking they look pretty, work great, and match your decor as well. But now you want a smart control fan for your room. Do you simply replace all of these beautiful fans with new ones?

While that can be an option, replacing or getting rid of all the existing fans on your house that still work fine might not be the most viable thing to do. It’s too expensive and a waste of good resources.

An option where you can modify the existing fans that you have to become better will save you tons of money. The process is simple, can be done easily, and requires a few simple tools.z

Replacing all fans in a house also requires serious work in the wiring. This might lead to you having to leave your house until the work is finished. Why go through such a lengthy process when you can have the same benefits as your existing fans?

With a smart fan, you can set timers, control speed, and light with a few clicks. Compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, you might not even have to click a button. Simple voice commands will do the trick for you.

Equipment We Need

Bidding farewell to your old pull-chain opens doors to modern and easy-to-use control options. Smart home appliances can be operated with the help of many types of equipment. This can either be a remote, an app that controls a switch on the wall via Wifi, or Z-Wave sticks. You can choose whichever option you are comfortable with.

  • Remote
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This is an option that works well for most people. You can upgrade your fan to work with the help of a remote. Remotes are fairly common to everyone and so more user-friendly. Control on and off features, speed options, and timers with the help of a remote without having to get up.

You can now get remotes that control all your smart appliances, so just one remote will be sufficient to run your entire house with.

  • Apps
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Some home automation systems give you options to download apps into your phone, tablet, or computer. Through apps or software like these, you can control fans, lights, and many other appliances. The main advantage of an app or software is that it can be downloaded and installed on any gadget you like.

For example, Smart WiFi Fan Switch Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control Kit

No need to carry around any additional controlling device. As you carry your phone with you all the time, having the control options on it will be a great idea that gives you easy access to all controls and features.

  • Z-Wave USB Sticks (If you’re interested in)
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This is an option that works with the help of radio signals to control all the smart devices in your home. The Z-Wave USB stick can be purchased easily to connect all your smart home appliances so that they can work together.

To make this work properly, you will have to ensure that the smart fan you are tweaking up responds to Z-Wave signals.

Z-Wave USB sticks are a better option than WiFi-connected controlling software as they can slow down with time. Z-Wave USB stick connections focus only on your appliances giving you high speed, lag-free connection.

  • Switch
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Having all these high-tech controlling options is great and all, but sometimes you need some simplicity in your life. That is why getting a plain old switch mounted on a wall is a great idea. Think of this as more of a backup plan.

When you can’t find your phone, tab, or remote, you can just use the switchboard to control your fan and lights settings. You might also need some time getting used to the settings on your new remote or software, having a switch will make controlling easier in that time. If you want to make your old fan smart using Wifi protocol then this is the easy way to go.

Checkout: Some of the best smart switches

Best Solutions to Making a Smart Fan Control

With so many ways to control a smart fan, choosing the best option can be a bit confusing. Wall switches can be too old school, while an app can take some time to get a hold of. If you want a controlling method that meets halfway, go for a smart switch.

Mounted on a wall, this is a classic switch control system. You’ll know exactly where this switch wall is, so there is no worry if you lose your phone or tab for a while. This smart switch comes with all control and customization features. Meaning you can set timers, control speed, the brightness of the lights, and many other things.

You can also add controls to your smart switch that lets you control the outdoor porch and lawn lights. Motion sensors, voice commands, and temperature sensors can also be added to the switch.

This system is the most flexible option when it comes to customization. You do have to set up these custom automation yourself, but the programming is not that tough.

Want to automate the fan using raspberry pi? >> Follow this.

Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Setup Option

Z-Waves are now all the rave when it comes to a home automation system. As the Z-Wave USB stick solely focuses on your Z-Wave signal-operated appliances, they can give you more speed and smoother operation than WiFi controls.

And Z-Wave works through radio signals and is a good way to control all your indoor and a few outdoor smart electrical appliances.

  • Ge Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Speed Control
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Compatible with many popular Z-Wave certified hubs such as the RingAlarm, SmartThings, Wink, Trane, and Nexia, this one is quite a versatile option. And compatibility with so many hubs means you can pair the device with Google Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa for voice commands.

Can’t seem to put in command because hands are busy? Don’t want to put down that book you’re reading? Just use voice commands to turn off lights, turn on music, or control the temperature in a room. The options are endless. 

Also, you can use the device to schedule, turn on, turn off, and change the speed of any smart fan. Use your smartphone or voice command to set this command. Up to 2 identical fans can be set up together to be controlled by this smart fan control.

When this Z-Wave smart fan controller is used alongside any GE Enbrighten Z-Wave dimmer or smart switch, you will also be able to control the lights on the fan. Dim down your lights for a calmer ambiance or turn up the brightness when you’re working with this simple and easy-to-use Z-Wave fan control system. 

A smart signal repetition process helps enlarge the range of the Z-Wave, giving you full control of both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. You can get an extension of up to 150 feet. With the help of some neutral wires for the hardwire connection, you will be able to set this indoor in-wall Z-Wave control device with ease.

  • Lutron Caseta Smart Fan Speed Control
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This fan speed controller from Lutron is a great thing to buy if you’re finally tired of pulling that chain on your fan. Get all the benefits of a smart fan without having to change your existing one.

A simple installation process that should not take you more than 15 minutes to do will transform your current pull chain fan into a smart one. Replace any existing switchboard with this one to avail of these controlling systems. Keep in mind, you will need neutral wires to complete this setup.

You get a wireless smart fan control that you need to set up on a wall, and you’ll get all the features of a modern and easy-to-use smart fan. With the help of a Lutron smart bridge, you will be able to unlock many features. Setting schedules, creating scenes, and controlling speed are just a few of the fun features available.

Moreover, this also allows the controller to be paired with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant so you can use voice commands. When paired with the Fan Pico remote, you can access these features from anywhere in your house. The wireless and “chainless” connection is a real delight to have at home.

Furthermore, you can also download the free app that this company offers to manage the features even when you’re not home. This is a great feature to have that gives you power when you’ve stepped out of the range of the remote.

Zigbee Smart Fan Control Solution (Using Wink Remote Control)

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Zigbee connections are IEEE-based specifications that help create small networks. This signal helps connect your smart appliances so that they can work together. A great way to use any Zigbee Smart Fan control is through a Wink remote control.

When turning your home into a smart home, getting appliances that are from the same brand can be an impossible thing to do. You might like a refrigerator from one brand but like an oven from another. Getting these appliances to work together can thus be difficult at times.

This is where the Wink remote steps in. With Wink, you can sync all your smart appliances and gadgets together no matter what brand they are from. Also, you can get cool features such as automatic fan off function when all the other appliances, i.e., lights or TV, is off in a room.

Syncing all your devices together helps make your home smarter. Set timers and fans and lights will automatically switch off both indoors and outdoors. Simple fan controlling can, therefore, be done with ease when you have a Wink remote.

Based on your preferences, you can use the Wink remote as a regular remote control to turn your fan and lights on and off, or you can set up a wireless system as well. For smart home connectivity, you can install an app that gives you the controls that you get on the remote on your phone as well.

If you’re not up for any wiring or any apps, you can try their wall switch option. This switch is a remote that is mounted on a wall. The system operates on batteries that you replace when the time comes, so there is no wiring required. Get all the features you would on a normal Wink remote or app on this compact wall control.

Insteon Fan Control – Quick Setup

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This is another wireless smart fan control that we love. With the help of just one connection box, this system lets you control light intensity and fan speed. If your house has an Insteon connection, you will be able to connect a hub for this Insteon Fan control.

Install the FanLinc as the instruction states and remove any existing switchboards. After you have set up the 6-button keypad, you will have to open your setup the hub and pair it with the keypad. This is where you will enter all the speeds and light settings. 

The setup will take just 15 minutes to half an hour to do completely. Afterward, you can link the setup to a free app that you can download both on iOS and Android to get wireless control. Use the 6-button keypad that you have installed as a wall-mounted remote for your smart fan. 

Convert any current fan that you love and adore into a smart one without having to replace it.

Universal Solution: Remote Control Smart Fan Using Bond

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Want a smart home but don’t want to deal with all the wiring? Then check this Bond hub out. The whole process of turning your fans and lights smart is easier if you have appliances that work with remote control. A Bond can pick up any RF signal that your remote sends.

This signal can then be used to control any appliance that the remote can control. With Bond, you can connect the devices to Amazon Alexa or any other voice control options.

Place Bond wherever you want in your house. RF signals usually get through walls and are readable within 40 meters. Bond does work with the help of WiFi, so be sure to place the hub within your WiFi range. This amazing option will let you control up to 6 devices without you having to tear down your walls for wore work.

Why Remote Control Kit Is a Must? Which One Should You Use?

A good quality remote control kit can change the way you control your home appliances. Not only is a remote control the best for getting to control fans without having to get up, but the system also opens doors for lots of other customizable benefits.

With the help of a remote control kit, you will be able to control fan blade speed, control running time, and dim lights. Some additional tweaks will also allow you to reverse the direction of rotation of your fan blades. These remotes can be mounted to a wall case if you want, so there is no fear of losing them.

If you’re more into Bluetooth, WiFi, or Z-Wave connected controllers, that is great, but having a handy remote control kit is a good backup plan besides a switchboard. These rarely break down or need maintenance. If you were to ask us, we would highly recommend the remote control kit from Flow Angle.

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Not only is this kit affordable, but the installation process is also easy and can be done within minutes. With easy-to-follow instructions available, you won’t need any professional help. This is also a universal remote that you can use with lighting and fan of any company.

Strategically placed buttons that separate the fan and light control help you avoid any confusion so you can have a smoother run.

WiFi and Bluetooth Fan Control

Another great option for conversion to smart fans is getting a WiFi or Bluetooth-connected one. The setup process is quite fast, and the system puts all controls and functional features onto your phone or a tab. This way, you can control fans of any room from your phone.

Forgot to turn off the lights on your way out? No worries, WiFi, or Bluetooth-connected fan control system has you covered. Some of the options you could try out are as follows.

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Hunter Simpleconnect

With this app, you get the opportunity to connect all your smart devices to Amazon Alexa, apple home kit, or Google assistant.

Set fan speed, dim downlights, and set different moods in your room with this easy-to-use and simple app. If in case your phone dies or gets lost, the app also comes with a paired remote that has all instructions pre-set into it.


If you live in an area that does not have the best internet connection, you will love this one. Fansync gives you the option to use WiFi-connected control and Bluetooth connected controls.

So when your WiFi goes down, you can just use the Bluetooth connection to control your lights and fans. The installation process is quick and hassle-free and takes just a few minutes to set up. 


Ai-Sync also comes with a remote control that automatically pairs all customization and settings. The app uses WiFi and has no bugs that could put a dent in your app experience.

Fun and useful features such as voice commands, temperature, and motion sensors can be used with this one. Just install the receiver onto your ceiling fan, download the app, and you’re good to go. You can make tweaks and adjustments as you proceed.

Final Words

With just a few simple steps, you can make an old or pull chain ceiling fan into a smart fan. There are many options that you could try out: remote control, a smart switch, WiFi or Bluetooth-connected appliances, or even Z-Wave USB sticks.

Choose an option that suits your lifestyle and get rid of that old pull chain ceiling fan. Control all your lighting and fan easily with just a few simple clicks without having to pull any chains.

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