Z-Wave vs. Z-Wave Plus – Worth upgrading? (Know the Differences)

Are you interested in cool and futuristic wireless protocols that will let you control your home appliances from the palm of your hands? If you are, then our Z-Wave vs. Z-Wave Plus guide can help you.

Now, Sigma Designs’ newest products, the Z-Wave and the Z-Wave plus, are guaranteed to make your home a smart one. 

All you have to do is:

  1. Purchase the product
  2. Set it a suitable place
  3. Connect it to most of your wireless home appliances
  4. Control them via an application that can be downloaded on your phone, tablet, or electronic devices

The main question is which one is better amongst the two? Well, that is where our article comes in to play.

We have thoroughly discussed all the functionalities, advantages, etc. of the products and focused all the relevant information we have gathered on putting an end to the topic of Z-Wave vs. Z-Wave Plus, once and for all!

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What Is Z-Wave Plus?

The Z-Wave Plus might have a similar name to the classic Z-Wave yet is so different. After the introduction of Generation-5, the Z-Wave needed to be updated, and hence, manufacturers came up with the Z-Wave Plus.

It is a certification product, similar to the Z-Wave, which lets you connect home appliances to itself and lets you command them without needing to do any physical work.

A Z-Wave Plus is perfectly compatible with the next-generation technology, including a couple of more perks such as extended battery life and range, OTA (Over The Air) update, and backward compatibility with the previous versions.

What are the difference of Z-Wave Classic and Z-wave Plus?

Key Difference between Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus:-

The Z-Wave Plus is an efficient and enhanced extension of the Z-Wave, and there are going to be numerous differences. And in this section, we shall be discussing all of them thoroughly.

  • Functionality

Their functionalities might seem the same, but it is not so simple. The Z-Wave Plus certifies the 500 Series or Gen-5, which allows it to do more complex data processing.

  • Battery Life

The Z-Wave Plus has a 50% more battery support than a classic Z-Wave. Therefore, it allows for prolonged usage.

  • Detection Capabilities

A Z-Wave Plus can detect frequencies that are almost 200 feet further away. This is something that the Z-Wave was incapable of as it has a much smaller detection range. 

  • Data Processing 

When manufacturers were developing the Z-Wave Plus, they gave the device a higher bandwidth, 250% more than the previous Z-Wave. This allows faster detection as well as efficient processing of the data.

  • Others

The Z-Wave Plus allows better detections and ensures maximum efficiency due to its new explorer frame. Furthermore, its three new F channel allows enhanced detection and improved connectivity as well as easier installations of new devices.

Hence, we can see that the Z-wave plus is very different from its predecessor.

Z-Wave Plus and the Z-Wave common feaures

What Are the Similarities Z-Wave Classic and Z-Wave Plus Share?

The similarities that the Z-Wave Plus and the Z-Wave have are that they belong to the same company, their functionalities, and their goals. And the main purpose of both the products is to make life much easier for you at home by connecting all the devices. 

They have similar goals, as well. If you have any one of them installed, then you can say bye-bye to getting up on holidays and turning on the heater or switching off the fan on chilly weather or turning on the AC on a hot day after a hectic day. So, the other similarity is to make your work less when you are home.

Benefits of Z-Wave Plus

These are the benefits of Z-Wave Plus:

  • Faster Processing

As the Z-Wave is compatible with 5th generation technology, which gives it exceptional data processing attributes. So, you can make a command, and the command will be instantly conveyed to the device or check the status of your devices and see instant feedback.

  • Better Detection

The Z-Wave Plus can detect signals as far as 200 feet away from itself. This allows you to properly detect waves that are further away and quickly receive and process it. It is also capable of detecting bandwidths up to 250% of Z-Wave. Hence, no wave or signal is missed by the device

  • Capable of Functioning for Prolonged Times

It has a much powerful battery than the Z-Wave. This allows you to use the Z-Wave Plus for prolonged periods without the need for recharging or anything.

Backward Compatibility: Can Z-Wave Plus Work with Regular or Classic Z-Wave Products?

The new Z-Wave Plus was given a revolutionary new update, which is its backward compatibility. This means that it can be connected with all the previous devices, and you can access all the initial data as well as updates in the previous versions. 

But like everything, there are cons to the backward compatibility. One disadvantage is that you won’t be able to enjoy the high range of the Plus. Finally, if you are using devices that were compatible with the previous versions, you will not be able to enjoy any of the new features that the Plus has to offer.

What Will Happen If You Connect Your Z-Wave Plus Product to Your Classic Z-Wave Network?

The Classic Z-Wave is not compatible with the Gen-5 like the Z-Wave Plus. So, it is not capable of functioning like its newer version. This means that unlike Z-Wave Plus, the classic one is not capable of processing mass data or signals at high speeds.

So, if you are planning to use devices that are for the Z-Wave plus in the classic one, then drop the idea! Devices that can be supported by the new Z-Wave plus cannot work on the previous one. Furthermore, in doing so, you can potentially harm the Z-Wave Plus and, therefore, increases the chances of accidents.

How to Recognize Z-Wave Plus Devices?

Z-wave Plus icon on Z-wave plus compatible devices

Locating a device that is compatible with you Z-Wave Plus is quite simple and easy. To identify a device that is accordant with any Z-Wave is that you have to find a Z-Wave Plus logo on the device. If it does, then your device is compatible with the Z-Wave Plus.

Z-Wave vs. Z-Wave Plus Cost – Is Z-Wave Plus Costly?

Well, the Z-Wave Plus is a better version of the classic Z-Wave! Hence, it should be surprising the Plus is more costly than the classic one. But the difference between the Z-Wave and the Z-Wave Plus isn’t much! And like the Z-Wave, the Z-Wave Plus is worth buying.

Furthermore, if you are looking for something that ensures better connectivity, functionality, and reliability, then paying a little extra shouldn’t be much of a big deal. After all, quality always wins over quantity.

Final Words – Who Is This for?

Many consumers are drawn back by expensive home appliance protocols. But, the Z-Wave Plus ensures that it gives you all the advantages of those expensive ones at the most affordable rates. Furthermore, if you are a gadget geek and want your house to look modern and futuristic, then this going to be the best buy yet.

The article has shown these facts clearly by scrutinizing and discussing all the attributes of both the products. And so far, we say that the Z-Wave Plus is the better option, and if you are using the classic one, we urge you to quickly change and enjoy the new and amazing features that this one has to offer.

Finally, make sure that you are purchasing the original device. There are lots of fakes or faulty Z-Waves out in the market. And we urge that you carefully check the Z-Wave as well as certificates for authenticity.

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