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    Top 10 Thermostats with remote sensor- Reviews (2019)

    By Home Techie / December 23, 2018

    There was a time when homeowners always used to have a headache of hooking up the thermostat to the desired temperature. To save both of the energy costs and house’s comfortable temper, that was a part of their day to day chores. But long gone are those days! Today is the reign of technology and […]


      Honeywell LYRIC Thermostat – Review, Comparison and Buying Guide

      By Home Techie / October 27, 2018

      When it comes to the world of smart thermostats, ​Honeywell LYRIC Thermostat Series is probably the ​well-known name, which is understandable given that they pioneered and defined the standard for how a smart thermostat is supposed to look like. However, over the years, other brands have emerged, and it seems Nest/ecobee is no longer to enjoy […]


        Thermostat Compatibility: HVAC System (You Should Know!)

        By Home Techie / September 22, 2018

        What is HVAC?HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is a system that is used to offer comfort in both indoor and vehicular environments. The main aim of this technology is to give heat comfort and adequate indoor air conditions.The HVAC system design is based on the concepts of thermodynamics, heat transfer and […]


          Ecobee3 Lite Review: Packed with Goodness (Within Budget!)

          By Home Techie / August 9, 2018

          ​Are you about leaving the old-fashioned thermostat bandwagon to join the smart model movement that has been raving since the time of the Nest? ​What if you like the idea of​ getting a smart thermostat packed with ​heavy features within a  budget?​Don’t worry, there’s still a great deal for you; ​and here is the ​ecobee3 […]

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