How Does & How much a Smart Thermostat Save You Money?

As the world is evolving, it is getting dependent on advanced technologies. Smart items entry in the lives of people has made things more doable in a short period of time.

Whilst it saves you a lot of your time, do you think it really saves you any money? The electricity bill keeps going up without showing any signs of slowing down. A smart thermostat is believed to conserve energy and therefore save money. If you want to know how much truth lies in the statement and also identify the energy saver thermostats keep on reading.

How Does Smart Thermostats Save You Money?

When electrical and heat energy is being used, it is common knowledge that you’d have to pay bills for it. If you set up your thermostat for long hours and high temperatures, you have to loosen up your wallet at the starting of the next month.

Here is where a smart thermostat acts as a boon because it keeps the temperature of the room very low for as long as the device is capable of doing so. First, you just have to type out your daily routine and the temperature you want the space to be in the machine.

In this way, the product will provide you the warmth you desire right when you get back home after a long day at work. This also saves energy when you are not at your place.

The device is able to tell whether you are around or not. It literally adjusts itself with time by getting to know your behaviors and when you stay or leave home. These types of thermostats are called smart for a reason.

They also have the ability to know how much time is needed to make a room warm with the help of the temperature outdoors. Hence, the energy-saving mode of the device will last longer while you aren’t around.

How Does Smart Thermostats Save You Money?

How Much Money Does Thermostat Save?

Money is a huge factor for many, and it should be. With the rising price of almost everything, a little saving won’t hurt. But this whole conserving energy and money depend on how cold it is outside, your desired temperature and also the size of your room.

In the case of temperature adjustments done in a smart thermostat, if you are able to bring down the temperature by every unit of 1.8 F for eight hours straight, you’d see a reduction of 2 percent in your electricity bill.

This might seem insignificant to you, but do the math for the entire month, or year, then you’ll understand how much you’ll save. If the calculation is done properly, then an estimation can be given, and you’ll able to save more than 130$ a year.

With that kind of money, you’ll be able to keep money aside for a brand-new house or just simply save it for other purposes. All of this is done by the machine, merely adjusting to your behavior.

Which Type of Thermostat Saves You Energy?

You’ll find quite a few types of thermostats available in stores that swear by their name that it is able to conserve energy. You can not believe everyone, but you can take our word. Here are the different kinds of energy saver thermostats.

Remote sensors on a thermostat allow the device to control the temperature of your room without having to move from the comfort of your couch or bed.

The sensor’s activation depends on the number of people inside the room and the room’s temperature. Each remote sensor in a thermostat is intricately built, which enables them to perfectly coordinate with the thermostat and the heating unit.

Firstly, the sensors detect the temperature of the room and then the number of occupants in that room. After this, the sensor extrapolates the best temperature for the room, which means it chooses the best level of cold or warmth for you to enjoy optimum comfort. 

Apart from reducing your effort of changing the temperature manually, the product ensures better usage of power. So, in short, it saves energy vastly by only using the heating unit when needed. And saving energy means cutting the cost. 

  • Learning Thermostats

How does a nest Learning thermostat save money? Nest learning thermostats or smart thermostats are compatible with smart, automated homes. These thermostats are connected via the internet and can be controlled remotely from other internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. 

They enable you to easily control the settings of your room’s temperature. This is done by letting you adjust the right degree of temperature that you feel comfortable in. 

Furthermore, due to the device using the internet, it provides constant access to the user and allows complete control over the heating system of your home even if you are far from home. Also, the thermostat detects presence so, without any occupants, it will completely shut down.

Therefore, it saves up a good amount of energy by functioning only when you will be home. Saving energy, as well as money.

  • Geofencing Thermostat

Geofencing thermostat works by detecting your location geographically! The thermostats detect the temperature of your current location and heat or cool your home accordingly. For example, if you are in a chilly place, the thermostat will extract the data and provide the optimum temperature for your comfort.

The thermostat can decrease or increase up to 3 degrees of your home’s temperature, depending on where you have been. It also has a set-schedule option. With this option, you set the time when you want the thermostat to start operating.

A geofencing thermostat is a remarkable option for those who have a very busy schedule. So, if you can’t set the temperature of your thermostat, switching to this option will enable the device to do this work for you. 

Hence, the machine works only when needed and saves on energy, which ultimately saves your money. So, it conserves your money as well as time and effort!

  • Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

Wi-fi thermostats have quickly risen into popularity, and are now one of the standard home appliances. It is an intricate form of device which connects to your wi-fi. This enables you to remotely control the temperature of your house with electronic devices such as phones, tablets, or laptops.

With this item, you can easily set the temperature of your house, including schedules, to change the temperature settings depending on your needs and comfort. 

Furthermore, the device detects the presence of any occupants, and you can also shut down your heating or cooling unit when you are on the road. And all these options can be accessed by downloading an app and controlling your entire house’s temperature from the palm of your hand. 

Finally, due to you being able to access the device through your phone or other smart devices, you can shut the house’s heating or cooling while you’re on the go saves energy and ultimately cutting down electricity bills.

Other Factors That Affect Savings of smart thermostat

What Are the Other Factors That Affect Savings?

The saving of energy and money is not only dependent on the smart thermostat. Other factors affect the net energy conserved. These are the following aspects that are also essential to consider when calculating total money or energy being used up

  • Size of the Room

If the size of the space which you are planning to heat is relatively big, then it will take a longer time to get a uniform spread of heat throughout the room. So, less energy will be saved in this case.

  • Climate

For those who live in a colder region, good news for you all! You’ll be able to conserve more energy by simply dropping down the temperature either at night time or throughout the day.

  • Utility Cost

This varies from one country to the next. If the utility cost is very high in the country you reside in, it’s obvious that you won’t be able to save a lot of money.

  • Accurate Settings

If you can choose the temperature settings and utilize them properly, then there is a chance that you’d be able to save more than 10 percent. So before leaving your house, be sure to log in. Let the machine learn more about you and your timetable. If it’s unable to do so, you won’t be able to save much energy.

Final Words

It is safe to say that energy saver thermostats will save you a stash of money at the end of each year. Not only would it be good for you, but also our planet and its environment. Less fossil fuel would be needed to burn, and there will be less release of greenhouse gases.

You’ll be saving your bank account and the planet. A win-win situation for you both.

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