LuxPro GEO Wi-Fi Thermostat: Review (No C-Wire Smart Thermostat!)

Smart technology is the latest trend in the digital world, and a smart thermostat is definitely worth more than a cool gadget.

When installed in your home, a smart thermostat can help you save on your energy bills through a monitored check on your heating and air conditioning. The amount you stand to save in the long run is nothing compared to the initial investment you made, especially when you choose a good product.

Temperature control is much easier and convenient from your mobile device even when you are away from home.

Unfortunately, getting the best smart thermostats is not often convenient especially when you’re spending on a budget, as most of the best-known products are usually high on the pricey side. A pretty good example is the Nest generation.

Fortunately, there are yet a satisfying number of thermostats that still offer a lot of smart stuff without being too pricey. A perfect example is the LuxPro GEO WH/BL Wi-Fi Connected Thermostat. GEO is among the best smart thermostat which can operate without a C-Wire!

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At a price of around $179, this device is not only a reasonable breakdown compared to the $249 price tag on Nest, but it is also one of the most affordable options you can find in the market.

Although $70 lesser, the LuxPro GEO Wi-Fi thermostat still offers a good number of features that make it a great take any day. A good example is its geofencing and scheduling options which give you flexibility and the ability to monitor and adjust the heating mode regardless of your location.

In other words, you can conveniently control your HVAC system through your mobile phone even when you are away from the house. Of course, this helps to avoid wasteful use of energy thereby spending less on your monthly bills. Also, the unit is pretty easy to install, and you don’t need a degree in astrophysics to be able to use it.

While the Lux has fewer features than most of the smart models on the surface, it’s still a good bargain. Hopefully, with this LUX GEO thermostat review, you will witness that.


Life is unmistakably easier with a smart thermostat.  Apart from being able to monitor and control your home’s heating and cooling more efficiently, you can save more on your energy bills. With the LUX GEO, you will definitely reap from your investment even though the thermostat doesn’t come as stylish as other smart models.

This unit obviously stands on the borderline between stylish smart thermostats and dumb ones. It lacks the ability to “learn” user’s schedules and temperature preferences but fully supports geofencing like Ecobee.

And it does provide the necessary functionality anyone would expect from a thermostat and provide adequate control over your home’s climate.

The GEO app is pretty basic but also very easy to use. The display is well detailed and contains almost all the information you need to know about your heating and cooling system.

It shows the value of the temperature inside your home as well as that of the local weather. Besides allowing you to adjust your temperature settings, the app also gives you an estimate of your energy savings.

LUX GEO wifi thermostat Functionality review



Without a proximity sensor, the LuxPro cannot sense whether someone is in the room or not. As a result, whenever you’re away, it cannot detect when someone else is in your apartment.

In other words, if you set it in ‘away’ mode before leaving the house, it will remain that way until it is manually changed. Of course, not everyone will like this. But that’s why there are other options out there.

If you need a model that comes with a proximity sensor, then you may want to look towards the Ecobee or the Nest.

But even without a motion sensor, the LuxPro allows you to set a schedule for up to 4 climate conditions in your home throughout the day. You can also switch between the Home and Away mode depending on whether you are around or not. And even if you forget to tap the Away mode, geofencing can help out.

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If you need a thermostat that can grant you multiple points of access, then you may need to look beyond the GEO.

Unlike most top-notch thermostats, this unit only connects with few smart home devices including Apple Homekit and Amazon Echo. However, it doesn’t work with IFTTT and other peculiar smart stuff. This may not go down well with some people.

For instance, without IFTTT, the device cannot turn on when the lights come on or when someone opens the garage door. There are other things the LUX/GEO cannot do which are highlighted as the selling points of products like the Nest and Ecobee.

Notwithstanding, the integration of Apple Homekit and Amazon Echo makes the GEO to easily pass as a cool thermostat, though without the sophistication of the high enders.

However, this is justifiable considering its affordable price. More so, it connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network which makes it possible for you to control your heating and cooling via the app.





With the geofencing feature, the LUXPro lets you spend less on your HVAC bills.

If you get so busy that you leave the house without changing the unit to Away mode, the geofencing feature will help the device to automatically detect that you’re away, and consequently switch the unit to Away mode so that energy is not wasted in heating up an empty space.

No doubt, this helps to cut down your energy cost and gives you a rest of mind.



  • Easy installation and set up.
  • Elegant design.
  • Has geofencing.
  • Has mobile app support.
  • Numerous scheduling options.
  • Highly affordable.
  • No C-wire Needed.


  • Lacks remote room sensors.
  • Not compatible with IFTTT.


Bottom Line

The GEO offers you adequate control over your home’s climate with your smartphone. So that you can have a comfortable space. You can plan a program that suits your temperature preference and save on your energy bills.

It offers a lot of scheduling options and uses geofencing to prevent energy wastage when you are not around. However, it lacks the juicy feature peculiar with most of its counterparts and isn’t really smart in the strictest sense.

Hope you liked our review of the Lux GEO Thermostat. Comment down your thoughts.


Lux GEO – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lux GEO thermostat has remote sensor?

No, It does not have any remote sensor feature. however, it comes with geofencing technology. Check this out: Best Remote Sensor thermostat in the market!

How do I install this unit?

Installing the GEO is pretty easy, and you don’t need a degree in astrophysics to do a good job. A detailed instruction manual is provided by the company to guide you through each step.

Usually, you will be required to remove the wiring in your existing thermostat and connect it to the right base plate on GEO. You don’t have to be bothered if you do no have a C-Wire. The entire process shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. Contact a professional if you have any doubt.

Who is this meant for?

The LUXPro GEO definitely doesn’t compare to stylish smart models like Ecobee or the Nest, but it does qualify as an entry-level thermostat. If you’re looking for a thermostat that will provide you with adequate control over your home’s temperature, then this unit will make a good choice.

The LUX/GEO doesn’t look as sophisticated on the outside as it is on the inside.

How do I control this unit?

You can control the LUX GEO with your smartphone via the mobile app, or you can do so directly on the thermostat.

Does this work with IFTTT recipes?

No it doesn’t.

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