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    Z-Wave Security – Is Z-Wave safe and Encrypted?

    By Home Techie / November 25, 2018

    ​We all know that Z-Wave makes our home smart, but does it make our home safer too?I want you to know that I have no doubt in my mind when I say; yes, it makes your house safer.So, where does all my confidence stem from? That’s what this article is about. Here, we’ll talk about its […]


      Johnson Controls GLAS Thermostat Review [Honesty Unleashed]

      By Home Techie / November 4, 2018

      ​Are you looking for a device that will not only take care of your home temperature but also comes with a lot of exclusive features?Rejoice! Your search has come to a fruitful end. Here, I’m going to talk about a product which is the definition of high-end.Yes, I’m talking about the Johnson Controls GLAS thermostat. It’s […]


        What is Z-wave Technology? Smart Home Automation Solution

        By Home Techie / November 1, 2018

        ​You are out having a delicious dinner in a fancy restaurant and suddenly remember, “oops! I have left the front door lock open.”What do you do?You dig into your pocket, bring the smartphone out, and with a single swipe lock the front door.That’s Z-Wave technology for you. Ok, I may have oversimplified things a bit.That’s why […]

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