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    Ecobee3 Vs Ecobee3 Lite | Thermostat Comparison (Unveiled)

    By Home Techie / August 8, 2018

    If we’re talking about thermostats, lately Ecobee isn’t getting all the attention as it got before. Ecobee was the pioneer for thermostats with a mobile app as a companion. But now many people when looking for app-enabled thermostats go for either Nest or Honeywell. But fortunately, Ecobee launched Ecobee3 and Ecobee3 Lite thermostats that rival […]


      Best Smart Thermostat in 2018 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

      By Home Techie / August 1, 2018

      Do you want your home and life at home to be better using the Best Smart Thermostat? If yes, allow us to ask you a couple of questions- Does the monthly utility bill give you a shock? Are you fed up with the complicated heating and cooling setup? If you check the box of any of these […]


        Did You Know, How Do Home Thermostats Work?

        By Home Techie / June 19, 2018

        Home Thermostat makes your home a place of comfort and peace. It gives you the homely feelings once you return home after a busy and tiresome day out in the chaos. So, knowing how it works is a need to maximize your comfort and peace. With this article, I will give you an idea about […]


          What is C-Wire? Everything you need to know!

          By Home Techie / June 17, 2018

          Millions of people around the world use smart thermostats. If you are planning on replacing your old thermostat with a smart thermostat and you lack a C-wire, please get one. Having a C-wire is advantageous, and you’ll be more comfortable that way. Definition of the C-wire A C-wire (Common wire) is the wire that is […]


            Tune Your Life with a Programmable Thermostat

            By Home Techie / June 8, 2018

            Over the time, the cooling & heating system at your home has become a partner in your life. Attuning your day-to-day schedules with this home companion will make your life more comfortable and easier. Going with a programmable thermostat can make a much of that tuning. Am I guessing right?   What is a Programmable […]

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