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    Thermostat Compatibility: HVAC System (You Should Know!)

    By Home Techie / September 22, 2018

    What is HVAC?HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is a system that is used to offer comfort in both indoor and vehicular environments. The main aim of this technology is to give heat comfort and adequate indoor air conditions.The HVAC system design is based on the concepts of thermodynamics, heat transfer and […]


      Nest Thermostat E Review: Simple, Elegant & Impressive!

      By Home Techie / September 20, 2018

      ​Having pioneered and defined the standards in the smart thermostat space, Nest thermostats have continued to receive a lot of positive reviews.  Besides its incredible learning abilities, it comes with a superior design and many advanced features not commonly found in other smart models. This doesn’t only make it a top-notch product but also one of […]


        Ecobee3 Review: 2nd Generation with Smart Sensors Thermostat

        By Home Techie / September 12, 2018

        No matter how smart our thermostats become, there’s always one shortcoming that’s impossible to get around with just one device – Today we will unveil the review of the ​Ecobee3 smart thermostat (2nd gen). Keep reading until the end of ecobee3 review (2nd generation with smart sensors). ​​Well, the fact that it measures the temperature only in […]


          Did You Know, How Do Home Thermostats Work?

          By Home Techie / June 19, 2018

          Home Thermostat makes your home a place of comfort and peace. It gives you the homely feelings once you return home after a busy and tiresome day out in the chaos. So, knowing how it works is a need to maximize your comfort and peace. With this article, I will give you an idea about […]


            What is C-Wire? Everything you need to know!

            By Home Techie / June 17, 2018

            Millions of people around the world use smart thermostats. If you are planning on replacing your old thermostat with a smart thermostat and you lack a C-wire, please get one. Having a C-wire is advantageous, and you’ll be more comfortable that way. Definition of the C-wire A C-wire (Common wire) is the wire that is […]

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