Ecobee3 Review: 2nd Generation with Smart Sensors Thermostat

No matter how smart our thermostats become, there’s always one shortcoming that’s impossible to get around with just one device – Today we will unveil the review of the ​Ecobee3 smart thermostat (2nd gen).

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​[amazon box=”​B00ZIRV39M” grid=”1″ ​]​Well, the fact that it measures the temperature only in a single room. Since most people tend to have their thermostat set up in the hall or the living room, the rest of the house isn’t accurately represented and therefore not properly heated or cooled.With the new and improved Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor, 2nd Generation, every room in your home will be temperate and cozy regardless of the weather outside.


  • ​Comes with remote sensor.
  • ​Great display and interface: touchscreen.
  • ​Elegant design.
  • ​Compatible with HomeKit and IFTTT.
  • ​Helps you save energy.


  • ​Requires C-wire for installation.
  • ​Installation might be a little complex.

​Ecobee3 Review:

Why Ecobee3 2nd generation?

Currently, the market for smart devices is flooded with a lot of smart thermostats that are equipped with several features of varying levels of sophistication. As a result, finding the perfect gadget for your home will depend on the kind of service you’re hoping to receive.

No doubt, the Nest thermostat continues to receive a lot of attention as one of the best smart models in the market. And this is not surprising because it pioneered the industry and set the pace for others to follow. However, over the years, few great models have come along, and right now it’s no longer a one-brand-show. Among these rivals is the Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat which comes at an almost similar price like the Nest.Apart from its impressive design, the Ecobee3 comes with a lot of innovations that makes it work better than many smart units in the market.  Without sacrificing your convenience, it is able to meet your heating and cooling demands.

Equipped with Ecobee3 is a remote sensor which detects the temperature of its location and subsequently adjusts the surrounding climate until a uniform temperature is reached. Although the thermostat comes with a single remote sensor, it can support up to 32 sensors located in various parts of your home.

Now, let’s delve deep into how the Ecobee3 delivers a first-rate service comparable to that offered by Nest.

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​Features and functionality

For a thermostat to be superior to other models in its circle, then it means it works in a more advanced way. For the Ecobee3, it is far more than the entry level. Through its unique ability to understand the climate in your surroundings, it can offer you a better way of controlling and managing temperature in your home.

It studies the system you have including your energy profile and the weather outside your house to work out an intelligent plan that not only ensures your comfort but also guarantees your convenience. The idea is to keep you comfy round the clock by establishing a welcoming climate in your home.

Unlike most regular thermostats, the Ecobee3 doesn’t only pick up data from one location or room in the house. This makes it more convenient and smarter. And as expected, the device works with many other smart home devices which makes it require little or no manual input in its operation.

With its sensor capability, you can remotely operate the thermostat no matter where you are.

Remote Sensors

One particular feature that clearly distinguishes the Ecobee3 from its rivals is its use of a remote sensor which can situate in any part of your home. With this sensor, the unit can tell when someone enters or leave a room, or whether anyone is at home. Usually, most homeowners place the sensor in the room where they visit most like their living room or bedroom.

Besides the free single sensor which comes with the Ecobee3 pack, you can also purchase several other sensors to make up the count depending on how many rooms or areas you want to monitor. As earlier indicated, the Ecobee can actually support up to 32 sensors located in various areas of your house.

It is recommended to purchase as many sensors as many you can to completely automate temperature in every part of your home. Or else if you want to save money, you can just get those for the necessary rooms.

Energy Saving

One of the key purposes, why you want to contemplate purchasing the Ecobee3, is that it will help you lower your energy bills. It employs advanced algorithms via the sensors to check your room occupancy, outdoor weather, and energy profile to manage your heating and cooling system in a way that prevents energy wastage.

The unit will automatically power on your HVAC system when you are around and turn it off while you are away. Besides helping you save on your bills, this feature is beneficial when you have little kids around who can’t operate the HVAC system.


Ecobee’s ability to seamlessly integrate with almost any type of heating and cooling system is another reason why it’s a great catch. Besides your HVAC, you can use it for humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilators and other temperature control systems.

However, it’s the only limitation in this area is that it’s only compatible with low voltage systems. If your HVAC uses high voltage, then you have to beyond this unit.

Like many high-end models, the Ecobee works with other smart home devices like Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Siri, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink.

With Amazon Echo, you can give voice commands to the Ecobee to behave in a certain way. You can tell it to change the current temperature to a new one, or you can command it when to change to the new temperature.

In addition, you can connect the thermostat to your smartphone through Wi-Fi and control it remotely through the Ecobee app.


With the geofencing feature, the Ecobee3 is even more attractive. In case you don’t know, geofencing helps the Ecobee to track the location of your phone so that it can tell whether you’re at home or not. This helps to prevent the heating of empty space so that you can save more on your energy bills.

The geofencing feature is already available on the Ecobee app for both iOS and Android smartphones but only works for one person. In a situation where you want to link more than one phone together, then you will need to integrate the thermostat with IFTTT and Life360. Luckily, Ecobee is compatible with these applications.

Geofencing is really helpful especially in situations where you get too busy and forget to manually set up a schedule or switch off the thermostat when leaving the house.

Ecobee also reminds you whenever there’s a problem with your HVAC system such as when it needs maintenance or when you need to replace a particular component.

Bottom Line

Besides comfort and convenience, another reason you should invest in a smart thermostat is that it helps you save costs. With the Ecobee3, you will not only reap from a rich functionality but also get spent less on energy bills as we discussed in this Ecobee3 Review.

Rather, it’s additional assurance that you’ll spend only as much as you’re willing to on heating or AC, cutting the costs significantly by avoiding needlessly running them while you’re at work or on vacation.

Couple that with a powerful app, beautiful look and its friendliness towards home integration, and the Ecobee3 becomes even more of a sound investment into your home’s future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install this unit?  A: You can install the Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat following the steps in the installation manual that comes with the device. As long as you have a little DIY skill or any previous experience installing smart thermostats, the set-up should be easy for you.

To prevent guesswork, the wires are labeled while a mounting-equipment is provided to help you mount the device on your wall.

However, if you are not confident of your wiring skills or if a C-wire is not included in your existing unit, then you should consider hiring a professional.

Q: Can I use a different wall plate apart from the one that comes with the package?  A: Of course, you can get a separate Ecobee wall plate to add to the glamour of your wall.

Q: What is the warranty on this product?  A: Ecobee3 comes with a 3 Year Warranty which takes care of faulty parts that wear out or gets damaged   under regular use.  ​Official Information

Q: Is this worth the money?  A: Yes!! If your HVAC system doesn’t have a high voltage, then Ecobee3 should make a great choice. It is definitely worth the price.

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