GLAS Thermostat – First Cortana-powered Microsofts Thermostats on The Way

Microsofts Thermostat GLAS is a total brainchild of the joint efforts by technology giant Microsoft and Johnson Controls. As seems, it could be the mighty collaborator making sure a seamless comfort at home and outside. Powered by Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana and Johnson Controls’ reinvention on thermostat’s maneuver, it can enable you to enjoy the highest possible comfort while you stay at home.

​[Update October, 2018]

Johnson Controls & Microsoft's GLAS Thermostat Has been Released on 24th August, 2018

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Have you heard about GLAS?

Probably, by this time, you can be a little aware of it, by dint of quick and widespread information through the internet. Though not yet, with this article I would like to give you some idea about it.

About GLAS’s Look and Design

From an aesthetic view, if you can say, GLAS has its very own look and feel. It has a slim and sleek look while a small and handy shape and size. It seems it can hide from the apparent view of people, taking a minimal space in the wall of your home. However, it lets others know its presence through the performance it provides.

GLAS has a 5.9-inch interface enabled with a translucent OLED touchscreen. As an interesting fact, SAMSUNG, another global brand for electronic products has kept contribution to the touchscreen.

Being set on a cream color bar-shaped base, it can give you a comfortable posture to quick access. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface it has an easy-readable display; just by touching your fingers you can set/change body-suitable temperature with your schedules.



Enabled with Cortana, GLAS is a rare combination of computing, electric and mechanical techniques. It can work a man-like intelligent assistant who cries to his master “Sir; your wish is my command”. So, you have to pronounce your command; and it will do all the things to execute for your comfort.

Microsoft has endeavored to put its footprint on the arena of IoT (Internet of Things) integrating its virtual assistant Cortana, firstly with the state-of-the-art thermostat designed and developed by Johnson Controls.

Know a little more, Microsoft has brought an edition of its Windows 10 operating system named Windows IoT Core where lies the advanced artificial intelligence of Cortana.

That capability embedded in Cortana has paved the path of GLAS to compete with Nest Learning Thermostat, another smart thermostat already positioned in the market.


How Cortana Interacts?

Johnson Controls – GLAS powered with Cortana can turn your home a smart place for living. You just unleash a voice from your mouth to the thermostat; it will immediately execute it. If you command it like, “Hey Cortana, Set temperature 22ºC now”, it will do that quickly. It can make a light dimmer or stop as you command to create an ambient environment.

In response to your other commands like, “Hey Cortana, what about today’s temperature in California?”, it will tell you that very promptly and succinctly.

Through commanding to Cortana, you can set the temperature as you like to schedule as per your stay at home and away.

Possibly, for now, only a few essential interactions with Cortana have been demonstrated in the videos available over the internet. However, over the days coming, the GLAS may be fully enabled with all the interactive capabilities of Cortana. Then it may be able to show the comparison report between inside environment and the outside of your home in response to your command.


Quality of Inside Air

As we can expect, GLAS can make a very comfortable environment at your home. It can keep the records regarding the air inside your home and outside. Based on that, it adjusts the inside temperature. On the interior environment, it reports you on humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), the carbon-based organic substance like eCO2 etc.

Equally, you can get information on outside temperature, air pollution status, allergens, pollen from ragweed, grass etc. It can also give you information on Ultraviolet Ray, ozone level at outdoors.

Have you any doubt?

Well, you may have any.

Integrated with Windows IoT Core and connected to the internet, GLAS gets this intellectual capability and executes those in real time.

Based on the record on run-time information of the air filter, it can generate alarms when you have to replace it as well as do servicing for maintenance.

It can also show note on how about the temperature you are already experiencing today.


Temperature Setting/Scheduling

The highest level of flexibility you can get on the programming of schedules on GLAS thermostat. It has the option of Seven-day Programming. For each day of the week, it can set the temperature as per your stay at home and outside.

Windows IoT Core, integrated with GLAS enables it to capture your calendar on engagement outside. On that calendar, you have to tune a bit for weekdays and weekends.

It has the options for sleep time, awake time, morning, evening. From your Smartphone or Tab, you can easily set the plan on the temperature setting. Being fully aware of arrival at home, it schedules the temperature so that you can get a comfortable feeling as soon as you enter your sweet home getting out from your air-conditioned car.

For this, you can naturally expect an option for setting your leave time and return time. What do you say?

Probably it will also be available there.

If you spare a few minutes watching the video embedded below, you will be thirsty to have a GLAS at your home.



Seamless Interactions

Getting GLAS App installed on your PC, Smartphone or Tab installed, you can ensure an uninterrupted comfort with your GLAS thermostat connected to the internet.

Relating a point over its compatibility, I would like to say, it goes with Android4 and later as well as iOS8 and later. Wherever you stay, tweak its temperature and other relevant settings and enjoy its full benefits for comfort at home.

Saving Energy

It goes without saying that the world has come to this stage of innovation due to the supply of energy. Otherwise, it won’t be possible at all. If you can use minimum power gaining maximum benefit, then it carries the highest credit. In this regard, it won’t be excessive if you say, GLAS thermostat is the most effective one.

GLAS has been designed with the intention of tracking the stay period of residents. It can correctly monitor the setting on arrival time and leave time. It can prepare and show you the graphic view on energy saving. You can see the power consumption on each day of the week. The standard of its usage and the pattern of your usages are displayed in parallel.

By comparing the figures carefully, you can tweak the settings of temperature to maximize the saving of energy from your GLAS thermostat.


Basic Understanding of Thermostat

If you are not already used to a thermostat, then it might be a little hard for you to harvest the full benefits of GLAS thermostat. However, if you can learn the basics on the thermostat, the wiring of thermostat and operations of a programmable thermostat, then it would be easy for you and you will be much confident to go with GLAS thermostat.

Following the links below, you will get the desired information I have addressed above.

So, would you mind having a look at those?

However, one thing relating to the above point I would like to mention that so many videos are available on YouTube and other sources. Sparing some of your valuable time on those will make you much familiar with the functions of GLAS thermostat.



[Now you can get it on Amazon]

It seems Microsoft and Johnson Controls, the co-brand of GLAS are very adamant to do business with this device. The product has just been commercially aired over media in March 2018. Meanwhile, they have prepared to receive a massive preorder response from potential buyers.

This is an aggressive business! Isn’t it?

If you are mentally prepared to turn your home into a smart sweet home and it is with GLAS thermostat, then you can advance to this link and put up some basic info there and confirm the submission.

Once you have submitted, Johnson Controls will understand that you are interested in picking their GLAS thermostat. Consequently, they will initiate their communication with you.

Already, the thermostat has become part and parcel of the comfort and quality of your life. It may be the case; you are a very tech-savvy person and enthusiast to experience the latest technological breed in your daily activities.

Along with that, you like to enjoy your life to the maximum extent as much as your pocket permits. Then, it might be your wise decision to go with a GLAS thermostat.

Wrapping up, integrated with Cortana of Microsoft, GLAS thermostat represents a revolutionary technological invention come out with the joint corporate accuracy, craftsmanship, and artistry of the Microsoft and Johnson Controls venture.


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