Ecobee3 Lite Review: Packed with Goodness (Within Budget!)


​Are you about leaving the old-fashioned thermostat bandwagon to join the smart model movement that has been raving since the time of the Nest? ​What if you like the idea of​ getting a smart thermostat packed with ​heavy features within a  budget?​Don’t worry, there’s still a great deal for you; ​and here is the ​ecobee3 […]

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Ecobee3 Vs Ecobee3 Lite | Thermostat Comparison (Unveiled)

Ecobee3 vs ecobee3 lite

If we’re talking about thermostats, lately Ecobee isn’t getting all the attention as it got before. Ecobee was the pioneer for thermostats with a mobile app as a companion. But now many people when looking for app-enabled thermostats go for either Nest or Honeywell. But fortunately, Ecobee launched Ecobee3 and Ecobee3 Lite thermostats that rival […]

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Ecobee4 Review: One of the Best Intelligent Thermostat You Should Buy!

Ecobee4 Review

​For a long time, Nest has been dominating the world of smart thermostats. Until recently ecobee4 has come to the market. So we decided to publish the ecobee4 review. They have been the favorite for most shoppers and it’s not surprising considering how they easily overcome most of the limitations familiar with old-fashioned models. Amongst other interesting […]

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Why It’s the Right Time to Switch Your Traditional Thermostat to a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are the buzz these days. Millions of people have upgraded from the traditional and non-connected thermostats to the newer and better smart thermostats. A smart thermostat uses technology that lets you control the climate in your home remotely using a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. In this article, we take a […]

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